Positions in Kama Sutra you should try

Kama Sutra was called the Bible of sex and it’s not for nothing. It was written in Sanskrit in the Ancient India between 400 and 200 B.C. It is not just a book, describing 64 poses, it is generally dedicated to the sensual and emotional side of life – a Kama. There are lots of jokes, going about uncomfortable positions. It is a pretty common misconception that you might break your neck or something else, but that is just nit true. Some positions just need more practice. But we will concentrate on the easier positions you and your partner can repeat at home. These are the most comfortable ad safe ones, according to the survey from https://yesdates.com/ :

1. Cowgirl

How to do it? Find a stable chair without armrests. A guy should sit on the chair and put his feet on the floor. A girl sits on top of the man, back to him, starting to move up and down. In it, you are the leader, and the man is the submissive.

Pros: in it, you can help yourself with long preliminary caresses, including oral stuff. In this position, a man will not notice your tummy, and you can even arrange a real private dance right on your man.

2. Spoons

How to do it? Both partners lie on their side of the bed, the man behind you. A woman should slightly bend the legs, as if she was sitting on a chair. In this position you can not see each other’s faces, but the man can caress the neck, chest, stomach, legs and clitoris. It is best for lazy sexual pleasures on the weekend in the morning, when you do not want to get out from under a warm blanket.

Pros: this pose is perfect for those who want to enjoy the closeness and warmth of each other and enjoy the process, not the result.

3. Doggy style

How to do it? Well, you stand in a doggy style, leaning on your elbows and knees, and bending your back. The man stands from behind and begins to move forward. It is considered one of the easiest to perform, in addition, it is often included in the rating of the most beloved poses among many men and women. It is best to have sex in this pose on something soft, because otherwise you risk having carpet burns. Pros: a man can fully control the angle and speed of penetration, and also caress your back and chest.

4. Missionary position

Pretty much every sexual intercourse involves this OG. How can you do it? It’s not difficult at all. A woman just lies on her back; a man leans on his elbows or palms and lies carefully to avoid traumatizing. He pulls in and out, controlling the speed and pace. You just have to lie, relax and have fun.

Pros: in it, you can have sex for a very long time, because both a man and a woman do not need to perform too complex movements, or you can just enjoy the process.

5. 69

How to do it? A woman lies on the man, her mouth on his pelvis. On contrary, a man lies in the opposite direction, facing woman’s genitalia. In it, a girl can give a head without any problems, whereas a boy sucks on her clitoris.

Pros: both partners can perform a sensual intercourse, giving pleasure to each other at the same time.