Top 8 hottest Ukrainian women 2021

You probably know that Ukrainian women are considered the most beautiful women in the world. Men in every corner of the planet dream of meeting them. By the way, the largest dating sites often have a popular “Ukrainian women” category!

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To prove to you that Ukrainian women turn heads, we’ve picked up the top 8 hottest Ukrainian women of 2021. Enjoy!

Zlata Ognevich

She’s a charming Ukrainian singer and the soloist of the State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the same time. In 2009, this young beautiful lady managed to get into the finals of the national selection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, but she hasn’t managed to win.

A year later, she again took part in Eurovision-2011 and won an honorable second place.

Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn is a pretty Canadian actress of Ukrainian origin (her real name is Katerina Anna Vinnitskaya). The girl is fluent in Ukrainian since she spoke it up to 8 years old as a child.

Katerina studied acting at the famous William Esper Studio, New York. During her career, the young girl managed to star in many films produced by Paramount Pictures.

In 2010, she acted excellently in the comedy “Killers”. Two years later, she got the leading role “Black Marks”, playing with Kurt Russell. Many people know Katerina as a woman warrior Lagertha in the TV series “Vikings”.

Victoria Sasonkina

The famous Ukrainian top model managed to work with famous fashion houses like Prada, Sonia Rykiel, Missoni, Bottega Veneta, and YSL. Victoria is the favorite of the famous American photographer Stephen Meisel; once, she even became a Vogue Italia cover model.

Olga Sumskaya

Olga is a Ukrainian actress and TV presenter, People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine — and just an irresistible woman!

Olga starred in many famous films, for example, “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, “Carpathian Gold”, “Roksolana”, “Loafers”, “Cinderella”, “Star Holidays”.

Alena Vinnitskaya

This fiery Ukrainian woman is a renowned author and performer of pop-rock songs, one of the first members of the sensational “VIA Gra” female pop group. Alena lives and works in Ukraine, writes and performs songs in Russian.

Christina Oparina

During her short career, this young girl managed to become the winner of the National TV project “Queen of Ukraine-2011”, win the title of “Queen of Ukraine-Earth” (where she took 10th place out of 94 participating countries), and become “Miss Eco-Tourism 2011”.

She also won the “Miss Donbass Open 2012” competition.

Marina Petrenko

Marina is a talented actress who made her debut at the age of 14 in the scandalous film “Prayer for Hetman Mazepa”.

Marina starred in lots of good movies: “Five minutes to the metro”, “At the game”, “Group of happiness”, “Kamenskaya 6”, “Only you”, “Split”, “20 years without love”, “Gentlemen of Fortune”, etc.

Ksenia Kuzmenko

Ksenia is not only an attractive girl but also has a lot of talents: TV presenter and interior designer, “Miss Ukraine-1997”, vice-queen of the “Queen of Kharkiv-95” contest.

Among other things, she took part in the “Professional Model Eastern Ukraine”, “Miss Model of the World-96”, “Black Pearl-99”, “Miss Model of the World”, “Miss Europe 2002”, contests. Ksenia is the founder and director of a design agency specializing in interior design and renovation.

Positions in Kama Sutra you should try

Kama Sutra was called the Bible of sex and it’s not for nothing. It was written in Sanskrit in the Ancient India between 400 and 200 B.C. It is not just a book, describing 64 poses, it is generally dedicated to the sensual and emotional side of life – a Kama. There are lots of jokes, going about uncomfortable positions. It is a pretty common misconception that you might break your neck or something else, but that is just nit true. Some positions just need more practice. But we will concentrate on the easier positions you and your partner can repeat at home. These are the most comfortable ad safe ones, according to the survey from :

1. Cowgirl

How to do it? Find a stable chair without armrests. A guy should sit on the chair and put his feet on the floor. A girl sits on top of the man, back to him, starting to move up and down. In it, you are the leader, and the man is the submissive.

Pros: in it, you can help yourself with long preliminary caresses, including oral stuff. In this position, a man will not notice your tummy, and you can even arrange a real private dance right on your man.

2. Spoons

How to do it? Both partners lie on their side of the bed, the man behind you. A woman should slightly bend the legs, as if she was sitting on a chair. In this position you can not see each other’s faces, but the man can caress the neck, chest, stomach, legs and clitoris. It is best for lazy sexual pleasures on the weekend in the morning, when you do not want to get out from under a warm blanket.

Pros: this pose is perfect for those who want to enjoy the closeness and warmth of each other and enjoy the process, not the result.

3. Doggy style

How to do it? Well, you stand in a doggy style, leaning on your elbows and knees, and bending your back. The man stands from behind and begins to move forward. It is considered one of the easiest to perform, in addition, it is often included in the rating of the most beloved poses among many men and women. It is best to have sex in this pose on something soft, because otherwise you risk having carpet burns. Pros: a man can fully control the angle and speed of penetration, and also caress your back and chest.

4. Missionary position

Pretty much every sexual intercourse involves this OG. How can you do it? It’s not difficult at all. A woman just lies on her back; a man leans on his elbows or palms and lies carefully to avoid traumatizing. He pulls in and out, controlling the speed and pace. You just have to lie, relax and have fun.

Pros: in it, you can have sex for a very long time, because both a man and a woman do not need to perform too complex movements, or you can just enjoy the process.

5. 69

How to do it? A woman lies on the man, her mouth on his pelvis. On contrary, a man lies in the opposite direction, facing woman’s genitalia. In it, a girl can give a head without any problems, whereas a boy sucks on her clitoris.

Pros: both partners can perform a sensual intercourse, giving pleasure to each other at the same time.

Famous and Charming Benefactresses from Russia

Volunteering and charity in Russia have reached a new level of development in recent years. It has already become more organized, open, and most importantly, visible at the state level. This year is declared the Year of Volunteering in the country, which means that good deeds will become even more popular. Russian women whom you can meet on are not only beautiful but also very kind and heartful. Here is a short list of famous kind-hearted Russian women, who are well-known for their career successes as well as for their charity work.

1. Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun.

Chulpan Khamatova is known for her charitable work no less than acting. In 2005, she gave a concert “Give me life” together with actress Dina Korzun. All of the money that was received from the concert was given for buying a new apparatus for treating children with cancer. The ladies failed to gather the necessary amount at once, so Chulpan and Dina gave another charity performance. A year later, the actress opened the “Give Life” foundation, which helps children with serious illnesses. Nowadays, this is one of the most famous charity organizations. Over the years, it has collected hundreds of millions to help sick children recover. At Chulpan’s initiative, the Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and Immunology was opened in Moscow.

Chulpan actively encourages famous people and stars of show business to engage in donations to save other lives. The actress said, “When you see the human misfortune, there is a change in value systems. For example, I’ve discovered a lot for myself since I started the charity. I realized what things are really of great importance in this life for me, I learned to see the true values and I also met a lot of kind and sympathetic people.”

2. Natalia Vodianova.

Natalia Vodianova can be called the face of charity in Russia without any exaggeration, and her activities are known all over Europe. The Vodianova’s foundation “Naked Hearts” provides funding to build children’s playgrounds in different cities of the country, and also provides families who have children who have developmental disabilities with help. The supermodel is convinced that charitable work should be easy and interesting, that’s why she constantly organizes events where people have fun, dance, run as well as give big amounts of money to charities. Her traditional dinner “Love Ball” is the most exciting event that welcomes guests from all over the world, you can have all chances to meet there the biggest celebrities, starting with Kanye West to the socialite Paris Hilton. One such evening can collect not only creme de la creme, but it can also top up the foundation account for several million dollars. Natalia admitted more than once that she decided to engage in charity work due to the story of her sister, who suffers from autism and cerebral palsy as well as due to the tragedy in Beslan.

3. Yelena Isinbayeva.

Russian pole vaulter and one of the most famous athletes of the country, Yelena Isinbayeva, has started helping kids since she became a successful businesswoman. She visited the orphanages of her native Volgograd region with gifts for several years, and then she decided to organize her own charity foundation. Her charitable work helps restore the sports facilities and support children who have faced a hard situation in life. According to Yelena, she learned from her own experience that sport can inspire and change a life, “I believe that every person who has achieved certain successes in their life should share their joy and help their neighbor. This was my motivation and main goal. I’m glad that I was able to unlock the potential through sport, and today, I feel obliged to help children who have been left without care of their parents and who really need my help. I believe that I can help them express themselves.”

4. Marina Dobrynina.

You will hardly meet Victor Vekselberg’s wife on the covers of the glossy magazines, she does not give interviews and does not attend social events. There is almost no information about her in the public

domain. Nonetheless, the wife of entrepreneur and president of the Skolkovo foundation Viktor Vekselberg, Marina Dobrynina, created one of the first women’s foundations in modern Russia. The “Dobryiy vek” organization helps kids and adults with mental disorders. The fund finances hundreds of projects aimed at the rehabilitation of people with mental disabilities and changing attitudes towards such people in society. It would seem that it is not difficult to do good deeds when you have a lot of money, but you will hardly meet many philanthropists among women whose husbands are residents of Forbes lists. For the first time, the public saw the wife of one of Russia’s richest people at the opening of a children’s somatic clinic in Severouralsk, where Sevuralboksitrud, the creature of Viktor Feliksovich, was located. The clinic staff did not immediately realize that the billionaire’s wife was in front of them because, despite her rich husband and high status in society, she is a modest and good-natured person.

5. Elena Topoleva-Soldunova.

The name of Elena Topolova-Soldunova became well-known thanks to her social activities. She is one of the co-founders of the “Life Line” foundation, which helps in the treatment of children with life-threatening diseases. In addition, Topoleva-Soldunova is a director of the non-profit organization “Agency for Social Information” and a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Elena was awarded the gold medal “Public Recognition” for her great personal contribution to the development of charities in Russia and an active civil position. As Topoleva-Soldunova confessed in an interview, she was inspired by public acquaintance with the leaders of non-profit organizations, “Periodically, during my career, I am interested in social policy, in corporate social responsibility as well as in the problem of openness of government bodies. However, the main sphere is still the issue of civil society in its various manifestations, NCOs, charity, and volunteerism. This is not just theory for me, but, above all, the support for specific people. I think this my job will never end. These people are something like beacons in my life, I look up to them, I correlate my activity with their evaluation. Whether all my efforts will be for the good of them, whether my work has helped them.”

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