#Naillinkupsa -Mauve Misfit

I decided to go for the mauve prompt this week ,which was selected in honour of our awesome South African Blogger Ordinary Misfit.

Mauve can be considered as a neutral colour (so it is work friendly) it is also a fantastic colour for the Autumn/Winter season.

mauve mani

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NaillinkupSA – Fire and Ice

I am probably the most pathetic person in this challenge when it comes to keeping up with the prompts.

While others are already on week 3,I am stilling over here posting my week 2 mani. Below is a poster made by the wonderful Briget from BecauseIcan to show us what the prompts are for this month.

naillinkupsa march prompts

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#Naillinkup : Valentines Day ,Lovely Lavenders

It’s February and we all know what that means,it’s the MONTH OF LOVE.As per my trend since the beginning of this initiative,I have once again missed out on a prompt (luckily this is acceptable in this nail challenge.Click here for full instructions on how this nail challenge works.)

 So below are the prompts for this month.

feb naillinkup

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NaillinkupSA: Growth

This weeks challenge is called growth. I chose this challenge as it is something that is very close to my heart. My reason for choosing this theme is that, this is the new theme to my life and I would like to grow in all aspects of my life,for the rest of my life.

Caviar Mani

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Let it sparkle this pink christmas

I’ve been a bit busy over this past week,so I am a bit late for the pink christmas prompt (but it doesn’t matter- that’s the beauty of N.A.I.L) so I have decided that I will combine 2 prompts – my logic being one late one early makes it on time hehehe.

The first thing that came to mind when I thought pink christmas was a pink christmas tree (but being an amateur,I knew this would take 10 years and I am already late with the prompt lol, so I started to think about what else I could do(thank goodness I have friend called google).So my “friend” gave me some inspiration.

pink christmas

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