Advice ; To take or not to take that is the question

In today’s society we are constantly conflicted with choosing between old home remedies and items vs new modern medicine and modern gadgets. This is by no means a post to tell you which method is better than the other, but merely to point out home remedies and items that I have come across in this past month. That worked out for my kids and I. I am sure you have heard about or even used one or all of these home tips before please let me know in the comments below.


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Cynthia Morgan Music Video shoot

I am currently suffering from death by sunburn, but am pleased to be able to share my experience of me being a special(extra) on the a music video for Cynthia Morgan a sassy,fun,sexy and down to earth lady dubbed by me as the first lady of Hip Hop in Africa.

I was browsing through my Facebook feed Saturday evening and came across one very special post calling all dancers and extra’s that are interested in being in a music video and obviously I was,thankfully I was off and I’m never off (I sadly work every weekend).
Sunday morning was a rush to get done as our call time was at 8am,our outfits were to be inspired by Rihanna’s shut up and drive video so off I went with my denim shorts tight top and 3 PAIRS OF HEELS as well as some extra shorts to wear if the one I was wearing didn’t suit the wardrobe requirements, the reason why I have placed emphasis on the heels was because when we got to the set the director wanted us all to wear takkies for the shoot(BOL,typical of me to be a dwank lol),luckily for me we had the awesome Tracy Rosslind (stylist/casting director) that would go to the ends of the earth to make sure that all goes well with the shoot,that even took her boots off so that everything would be 100%.
The experience I had was amazing from jumping off cars to chatting to superstars and just gaining so much knowledge from everything made me so humble and appreciative And i can’t be more grateful for it.
However this has definitely taught me a few lessons.
1.Always wear sunblock!Days on set are long and you don’t know what the weather is going to be(it’s Cape Town so we have four seasons in one day).If you don’t this will be the aftermath.(See Pic Below)

 2. Always make sure that you have one of each type of item so flats, heels or takies(shoes)
     tight top,loose top,long top or crop top(top)

Below is a bunch of pics of the awesome time we had on location.

Peace and love 

Why do men carry their partners’ handbag?

Disclaimer: I am not passing judgment on anyone, this is
purely my opinion.

This question has been on my mind for a while now and I
think it’s time for me to address it, almost
everywhere I go at least one guy is walking
around carrying his partners purse; I’m not referring to keeping the handbag
for a few seconds while the partner is doing something, I’m talking about
actually carrying the handbag around as if it’s his.

Is it because the handbag is heavy?
Or you are marking territory?
Testing whether he submits to you?

So, firstly I feel that it makes my husband seem like he is
my subordinate/slave if I’m not walking with anything and he is carrying my

Secondly I feel that if you as a woman
can’t carry your own bag you shouldn’t have a bag (a bag to me is a useful
fashion accessory and if my partner is carrying it, then it doesn’t compliment my
outfit so why the need for it?)
If you are a confident person why would you need to find
ways to mark your territory? (you would know and trust that your partner is
yours).Trying to irk an act of submission out of your partner by
doing this, spells doom for the relationship
from the word go.

In many Asian countries this is an accepted practice and
I’ve been seeing it here more and more often. Apparently,
it is an expression of their love for their woman. And (some) women not only
like it but also expect it from their men. And no, the phenomenon has not been
observed only in Singapore, but also in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. And the
trend is fairly recent, probably in the last 5-6 years.

I would like to hear what your views are please comment

Peace and Love


Kim K vs Saartjie Bartman ,South African is what you want to be!

                The hype this week has been all about the                                 Kim K’s butt picture

But as South Africans we’ve been having it
This is a drawing of our very own Kim K , madame Saartjie Baartman
I remember when I was growing up(I lived in a “coloured community”) the name of Saartjie Baartman was used to mock someone who has a little bit more junk in the trunk than others,today now that it’s a pic of Kim K men are drooling over the pick forgetting that Saartjie Baartman was taken out of our beautiful country to be paraded as a freak.
This is not the first time something was stolen from our beautiful country and made to like it originates from the author,the same thing happened with our dance moves in Beyonce’s music video for run the world.
Now is our time to start assisting each other and supporting all forms of our local talent and show the rest of the world what/who we really are!
So whether you rich or poor black or white happy or sad,know that South African is what
 you want to be.THE ORIGINAL
Peace and love