Afrikkin hashtag ; My interview with Brett Fish Anderson

Brett Fish Anderson
Brett Fish Anderson

My first interaction with Brett Fish Anderson was when his statuses were being shared by my facebook friends.

At first I would only like them and share them.Then the more I saw them, the more it resonated with me and I just had to send him a friend request.What I didn’t know was that this would be a really great move.Not only did I find another human being who shares my views ,but also someone that makes me think long and hard about what type of person I am,through his sometimes controversial but always real blog posts on his blog.

I also started learning more from Brett, I saw him referring to a hashtag game that he hosts on twitter. One day he posted about Wale(rapper),one of the grestest lyricists of our time, that took part in his game(post pic).

What made me flip my top and even more proud to be a SAFFA than I normally am was when his twitter game was mentioned on the view.I went absolute bat because 1. I love the view(I watch it on youtube) and 2.Another South African making or getting a mention in the US(this can only mean great things for us). Unfortunately they didn’t mention him or give him any credit for it so I decided to comment on everything containing the video clip that it was actually created by a South African because maybe they missed that part(I’m crazy like that).Anyway enough of my rambling.I just want to say how absolutely thrilled I am to have him featured on my blog. So on to the interview.

The ladies of The View
The ladies of The View
Who is Brett Fish Anderson?
I am a passionate South African, follower of Jesus Chris, improv comedy actor who has a heart to see people, in particular the church, live out what we say we believe. i long to see people thriving as opposed to merely existing. i own the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin called No_bob [because he doesn’t bob] and I hate raiSINs with an absolute passion. i am married to tbV aka The Beautiful Val and we are about to celebrate our 7 year anniversary in July.
Why and when did you start the @AFrikkinHashtag?
When we were in Americaland two years ago i spotted this phenomenon called Hashtag Games on The Twitterer [as i call it] and started playing and had a lot of fun. Then a girl called Breezy Puffs let me co-host one of her games and the bug hit. Hashtag games are pretty huge in the States with @midnight hosting a live show and a game that has hundreds of thousands of followers playing. i stumbled upon the name @AFrikkinHashtag [African Hashtag if you say it out loud] as i was about to start my own game and it is just such a great name so that felt quite fortuitous. i was given a spot on the @HashtagRoundup app which is a free app which manages a lot of the games that are being played and from the beginning my game was a hit. i have developed an amazing team of volunteers around me, mostly made up of previous co-hosts [i have a new one every week] who help keep it running well.
Brett Fish Anderson
Which days are the games played and how can we join in?
The @AFrikkinHashtag game happens every Wednesday at noon South African time. If you are on the Twitterer you can follow @AFrikkinHashtag or me on @BrettFishA and then at 12 the tag will be announced. For example last week was #MyUnOlympicEventWouldBe and the idea was for players to think up things they are good at that are not Olympic events so “quickest to the tv remote” or “most likely to spill food on my new shirt” or absolutely anything that is real or silly. The idea is that it is a lot of fun and we encourage people to send tweets that fit into one of our four pillar categories – FUNNY or CLEVER or MISDIRECTIONAL or RANDOM [but related]. One thing that sets my game apart is that we try to play it as a FAMILY game. The Twitterer can get quite hectic and especially on hashtag games and so we focus on tweets you’d be okay sharing with your mom if she knew what a tweet was.
What are your goals for @AFrikkinHashtag?
Pretty much every week the game trends in the USA and it often trends #1 which is a weekly goal. We have also top trended in Canada, the UK, Australia and South Africa. But i would love to see more South Africans discover the games and start playing. It’s a fun and silly thing and can take a minute [jump on and send a tweet or two] or the full two hours we focus the game on [if you have that kind of time] and some people really spend a lot of time and creativity making really great tweets. i feel like @AFrikkinHashtag is a clever game and so i try to pick tags that sometimes require that little bit more thought than regular tweets – so quality over quantity. Overall we are just trying to give people a fun time in the middle of what might be a serious week. Also it’s amazing tos ee the community that has been created around the game and i have made some good friends from people who play regularly. But i would love to see us trending more often in South Africa so we truly can be South Africa’s #1 game.
What has been your biggest success with @AFrikkinHashtag? 
I would honestly say the community we have created is the biggest success of the game. But in terms of reach, we featured on The View last week and had Whoopi Goldberg reading out the tag while the other women gave their suggestions and that was pretty special. i got a response from Eric Idle when we were playing a Monty Python themed game but it was only to say he didn’t know what a hashtag game was and was too busy to figure it out but wished us the best of luck. That was pretty cool.
So if you are on the Twitterer, make sure you follow @AFrikkinHashtag and are around on Wednesdays at 12 as we try to keep the WIT in the Twitterer…
What is the aim of the hashtag game?
Participants that take part in @Afrikkinhashtag games compete to make it to the F.L.O.P(Fish List of Prizeworthiness). Various games have top ten lists.l,but only one has the F.L.O.P
Will you be joining in on the fun with us tomorrow at 12 noon? Let me know in the comments below.
peace and love coco

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