Advice ; To take or not to take that is the question

In today’s society we are constantly conflicted with choosing between old home remedies and items vs new modern medicine and modern gadgets. This is by no means a post to tell you which method is better than the other, but merely to point out home remedies and items that I have come across in this past month. That worked out for my kids and I. I am sure you have heard about or even used one or all of these home tips before please let me know in the comments below.


As a third time mom, I was already aware of the sisters’ at the clinics advising that, if you can, to exclusively breastfeed your child for the first 6 months. However, what they don’t tell you is that your child will suffer with winds and as I know it “suur”(they can also get plenty of fine pimples due to this). So I also give my baby a water bottle mixed with a 5ml gripe water to take care of that.


Zoë and Kai both had allergic reactions to Pampers, so I was happy when the Pampers premium worked well for Zion. However when I went to buy him more nappies they didn’t have stock of the premium and I just bought regular Pampers, biggest mistake because he had an allergic reaction to that.When I told my sister about it, she said I must use maziena(corn starch) as that was what her sister in law was advised to do,who would have thought maziena would do the trick?


It’s of course flu season and unfortunately for us,all of us have come down with the flu, Zion has also had a little bit of a blocked nose since birth. So my mom in law recommended that we get some camphor blocks,sew it into some material and tie it around their necks. When my grandmother in law came over to visit she advised us to rub some castor oil over the bridge of Zion’s nose to unblock it(guess what,it also works if you have sinus issues).


I Saw the funniest meme online yesterday and thought that it would be a perfect picture to add into this post.

babee milk me tags

Thanks to Babe bee , I don’t have that worry. The milk me tags helps me remember which breast I fed him from last. It’s as easy as pie to use too, when you done feeding baba ,all you have to do is put the tag onto your bra on the last breast you fed from.


A creative, fun and downright ingenious collection of bespoke innovations for infants and kids – this is what encapsulates The Babe Bee range of products is a creative and fun collection of bespoke innovations to suit the ever growing needs of your infants and toddlers.

The items are all handcrafted and locally produced by an entrepreneur mum who understands what modern mommies want.Child-rearing is about exploration, fun and simplicity, and this is what Babe Bee achieves through its custom creations, which are welcome additions to any nursery or layette. Each item has been carefully considered to help make the task of raising The task of raising little ones is made simple by the careful consideration that goes into producing each item and is a welcome addition in any nursery or layette


They also have amazing burpie cloths so no more vomit on your clothes.Cool toilet stickers for when your little boy starts to potty train.

babby stuff2

Always looking for baby’s dummy? No need to all you have to do is clip on these cute dummy clips and it will always be near.

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