#Naillinkupsa -Mauve Misfit

I decided to go for the mauve prompt this week ,which was selected in honour of our awesome South African Blogger Ordinary Misfit.

Mauve can be considered as a neutral colour (so it is work friendly) it is also a fantastic colour for the Autumn/Winter season.

mauve mani

Mauve is a pale purple colour that was named after the mallow flower.The name was first used as a colour between 1796- 1798.The colour Mauve is made up of blue,lavender and grey.

mallow flower

So for this mauve mani – I used the following items ;

mauve mani tools

Yardley Proteinized Glaze treatment as a base and top coat.

-Revlon nail polish in girly which has a metallic tint to it.

-A mauve glitter that I applied by using a clear polish and dipping it into the glitter and then applying it to my thumb as an accent nail.This wasn’t a very smooth application and it ended up quite thick and even though I sealed with the Yardley it still seems to come off everywhere.This was my first time applying glitter so I guess I will have to use it a few more times to get the best way of applying it.I would also ike to try a smaller more finer glitter just to see the difference.

mauve mani statement nail

I also turned my bedroom mat into a galaxy when I wanted to take my pics because the whole pot of glitter fell over,even though a lot fell out I still have more than half left so at least  I know it was worth the money I spent as there is obviously more than enough product per pot.

mauve galaxy mat

Have you used nail glitter before?Do you have any tips or tricks to share with me?Let me know in the comments section below.

peace and love coco

2 thoughts on “#Naillinkupsa -Mauve Misfit”

  1. Never used the glitter before, only used gllitter nail polish…love it but a nightmare to remove. If I should use nail glitter like you used it, I would apply a gel top coat over so that it seals nicely and lasts longer

    1. I never even thought of a gel top coat.Thanks for the tip,I will have to go out and buy one now hehehehe.I have the perfect no fuss way to remove glitter nail polish I will do a post and tag you when I do.

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