Welcome to the world – World Cesarean Month


16.04.2016 was the due date given to me for the birth of my bouncing baby boy (said in the voice of hades from Disney’s Hercules)

Dad and Zion post C-section

Zion, however, had other plans. I started receiving early signs of labour pains on the 04.04.16 already – very dull pains and because I was already so ready for him to come,I stopped doing everything and just started waiting for it to happen.By the Saturday I had resigned to the fact that I just had to wait till the actual due date (this realisation was brought home when I started seeing everyone that was pregnant with me having their babies)

Mom and Zion post C-Section

So on Tuesday morning something past one my water finally broke and because I have been through this twice before and spent hours and hours at the MOU,I remained calm and dealt with the contractions and timed them ,so it wouldn’t be long from the time I arrived at the hospital to the time I need to give birth.My contractions are usually super painful and I need the assistance from my husband to constantly rub my back to ease the pain ,but not this time around. I am not sure if it was because I had it bad the other times or I was just used to it but joh, I was a trooper dealt with my contractions without any help,at all and was even bragging about it lol. Little did I know that when I got to the MOU and they let me lie down ,that,that would be when the big trouble would start.I will spare you guys the details of every contraction but generally it was so bad that I was basically praying that the Lord can help me deal with this pain as I just couldn’t anymore lol,knowing that the pain is normal and there was nothing I could do about it. I guess I was annoying the nurses because my hubby was telling me to just breathe through these contractions (which was exactly what the nurse was saying although she wasn’t even close to me and busy seeing to someone else) he also told me that it’s not necessary for me to pray the whole time and I must have faith that God has already heard my prayers.At that moment it wasn’t funny but now when I think about it,it’s too funny.

At about 3am they came to place a drip in my arm after about 4-5 failed attempts at putting the drip on the top of my hand they finally put it in my arm.They contacted the ambulance and the wait began. There was a other lady that was in a more serious position than me, but came in after me that was rushed to the other hospital and the pain mixed up with I guess the selfishness we all have inside ourselves came out and I asked my husband,what about me?Again, he had to put things in to perspective for me by telling me that both her and her child were in danger and could die.

The ambulance showed up at about past 8 and I was then taken to the 2nd hospital.People, please, I know I am extremely guilty of this, not believing when an emergency vehicle comes speeding by with it’s siren on that it is an actual emergency but after spending about 1 hour and 30 mins trying to get to the hospital which under normal circumstances would have been 40 mins, all because people didn’t really want to give way.You don’t know who or what is going on in that vehicle,so please respect them and just move out of the way.

Anyone that knows me,knows that I have never been an advocate for having baby via c-section.God however has other plans for us and this time I was rolled into theatre to have a c-section.


April is world cesarean month,I came across this picture on one of my friends’ profile and although it is really a feat to go through a c-section I hate how they make it out as if a mom that has had a c-section has made an ultimate scarifice  to do it or that giving natural birth is not that difficult.

So I would just like to share my opinion with regards to this.

Giving birth naturally or via c-section are both things that need to be done when we want to bring our children into this world.Neither one is better than nor a bigger sacrifice than the other.

Both ways have their own pro’s and con’s with natural birth you have to go through each and every pain each and every push with no epidural (state) but once you have gone through it,it’s done and you can go on and even forget that pain.A c/section is something way different and once they have injected you with that epidural you are on cloud 9 (you can’t feel a thing) but the after effects eish I can’t deal.I have been home since Friday and basically been living off pain killers.If I didn’t have the mother in law that I do,I have no idea what I would have done.She spoils me and gives me time to rest and recover but what about ladies that have no one not even a partner around(although there is nothing my husband can do for me at that point in time,just have him around makes the whole experience more bearable)?I have to go have my stitches removed and I am already freaking out just thinking about it.

Zion wild child

How did you give birth or if you haven’t had kiddies yet,what do you think you would want? Let me know in the comments section below also of you have any questions for me,you can put that in the comments section as well.I love responding to all comments.

peace and love coco





13 thoughts on “Welcome to the world – World Cesarean Month”

  1. Wow. I pray the pain subsides and that the removal of the stitches goes better than you think it will.
    I have no kids, yet. But would most likely lean to natural birth if given the option. My only concern is the epidural – I cant handle pain at all, not even a little bit. And I heard you stay longer in the hospital If you’re on epidural. Do they give epis for natural birth??

    1. Thanks babes,your prayers have already started working,I have as yet (touch wood) not taken any pain tabs today yet.If you are private you can ask for the epidural when giving natural birth so make sure you are on a good medical aid scheme before you start planning.Your length of stay in state hospitals depends on the type of birth and if there are any the complications coming from it.I was kept in for observation for 3 days due to me having a c/section

  2. Eish! Even though we don’t plan to have kids for a while, l am excited to be a mum so of course l have thought about this…scary.com!!!

    It’s very informative to hear your experience – l always considered natural birth to be my preference (even considered water birth, ha) but you know, like you said, sometimes God’s plan and our plans collide.

    I think overall, l’d just really want to be as comfortable as possible in an uncomfortable situation. I guess closer to the time, we can take steps with our doc to make that possible – even if we can’t plan everything to a t.

    1. indeed!My best little bit of advice would be that as soon as you know you are planning make sure to get yourself on some med aid so then you can get an epidural either way 😉

  3. I was also 100% anti cesarean right through my pregnancy. But with my last scan at 39 weeks, I was told baby weighs 4.3kg and my Dr then scheduled a cesarean for me for the following Monday.

    I was nervous all weekend leading up the my scheduled date but hubby kept me calm.

    I was wheeled into theatre at 9am and by 09:41 I had a healthy baby boy.

    Turns out he only weighed 3.7kg but it was good I had the cesarean because baby made a poop in me.

    Exactly 2 weeks down the line and I can’t get enough of my little guy. Loving every minute of motherhood

    1. aaah I can’t even start to imagine the anxiety you must have gone through that weekend.Zion weighed 3.65 and also did a number 2 inside lol and then he was coming down correctly so they needed to push me into theatre.Have fun with your bundle of joy they grow so quickly

  4. Congrats again on the birth of your healthy boy… Wishing you a speedy recovery! I had my Mia naturally at home with the help of a midwife and took no medication. It was a primal, amazing experience and I wouldn’t change one thing about it.

    1. Thanks so much :) I have said this before and I will say it a trillion times/everytime I hear your story,you are super brave!I immediately had myself sterilised now after this,I don’t see myself going through this pain ever again lol

  5. Hi, i hope that you are feeling better. Congratulations with your new baby, may he be blessed!

    With my first baby, labour was induced because i was two weeks overdue with pre eclampsia. I had an epidural, episiotomy and vacuum delivery. Horrible indeed. Both myself and baby were traumatised by the birth experience. The epidural made that i couldnt really feel the contractions so i didnt really have the urge to push…hence the vacuum.

    With my second baby the doc said he weighed alot and i had to be cut, i protestes against that and pushed (very difficult i must say) him out. He weighed 3.610kg and i was very happy that i chose to give normal birth, no pain relief and the experience was much better.

    I am now expecting baby number three. I pray that i will have no complications as i really want to give natural vaginal birth, however if mine or my baby’ s life is in danger at any stage i would want the necessary medical intervention to ensure that we both get through safe and sound.

    1. Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you so much for your well wishes :).You have been through quite an adventure with both your deliveries,hopefully this one will go smoothly and without a hitch.

  6. Lol you describe the pain exactly. And your hubby was so sweet to say those things to you. And I agree that c section isn’t better than natural birth and vice versa. The problem comes in when doctors convince patients that a c section is the only option when it isn’t. Rest and recover well.

  7. Congrats on ur baby boy his cute,yes April can be c section month,my 1st baby born 09:04:2012 had emergency c section,then we had to transfer to another hospital I didn’t feel a thing after I gt in that ambulance and we took a bumpy road then I felt all the pain and the lifts was nt working at hospital so I had to walk stairs the pain just gt worse,bt all of that was worth it,I had my aunty and mom helping which was nice,bt the 2nd baby born 24:02:2015 also had a c section they didn’t wanted to take chances, I so very much wanted to give normal birth that was my wish bt yes God plan otherwise,and I had to do everything my self bt for some reason I was ready for everything and didn’t had lot of pain don’t know what was different lol bt gt through. So now I got 2 cute busy boys lol bt enjoy them a lot nice to see the bond they have.

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