Tresemmé Platinum Strength Review

I have been a regular Tresemmé user for a few years now and have always had great results.My favourite range thus far being the Keratin Smooth range.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth


So when the ladies on the group Lady Hacks (a group for ladies only – you can only join by invite) started raving about it most of us set out to go purchase it.


Tresemme Platinum Strength

It was such a popular shampoo and conditioner that I couldn’t find stock of it anywhere for 2 weeks. I finally found it at clicks and it was going for R49.99 each.I was very excited to start using this amazing product and couldn’t wait to get home.

After my first 2 washes I just couldn’t get enough of how beautiful it made my hair look and strong my hair was.The ladies started giving feedback and complaining about build up that they have started experiencing with this specific product.

A few years ago I saw an insert on TLC that said that you must only shampoo your scalp,lather it up and rinse and let the soap run over the rest of the hair in the rinsing process(this will also make it easier to comb the hair out before conditioning).When you condition, only to apply the conditioner,from the nape of your neck to your tips (as your roots produce their own oils) and this has been my way of doing my hair ever since.So, this was also what I mentioned that could possibly be the cause of the build up and also that maybe everyone just reacts differently to products. The reviews came in weekly and I was sticking to my story that it is an awesome shampoo and conditioner and that I have no gripe with it.

And then….I had to swallow my words.After wash number four, I left my hair to air dry as I always do so that I could ghd my hair (flat iron is the correct term because I have a Babyliss lol but in most coloured communities any flat iron and the process of flat ironing is called ghd hahaha).When I was done I brushed my hair to the back so I could tie it in a bun(I wasn’t gifted with the talent to do my own hair so my ends always look uit gedroog-dried out and the only thing that fixes it is to roll it in a bun and then untie it after a while).And right there in my face was my hair covered in snowflakes- not even build up loose big flakes that threatened to embarrass me for the rest of the day because no matter which way I made the path it ended up being a snowy path.I generally do have a dry scalp but I have never had any issues with dandruff before and now I do.So I did what I do best and wet the front hair and combed it all to the back.

Shortly thereafter the ladies recommended the Avon Morroccan Oil range.So ofcourse I contacted my Avon rep Fagmida Fredericks and order mine.It was on special for R45 for the set(shampoo and conditioner). I will be testing it out so you can be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that review coming soon.

Have you tried this or the Avon one before?Please let me know,if you loved it or not in the comments section below.

peace and love coco

4 thoughts on “Tresemmé Platinum Strength Review”

  1. Interesting read Coco!
    I can definitely advise that the Avon range of Shampoo and Conditioner not to forget their amazing leave in treatments and oils works wonderfully for all hair types.

    I am your Avon Lady! Give me call if you are interested in any products. Check out their amazing December specials. Via
    Call me on 0829949487 should you need to order.

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