Mani for breast cancer awareness

I was supposed to post this on Monday already and just never got around to it.


I have this nail art kit lying around for 2 or 3 months now and have been waiting for the perfect time to use it.What better time than in breast cancer awareness month albeit it’s the last week.

I purchased this on special at Clicks for R10 normal price was R39.99. So was very pleased with the prices (if you follow my blog,you guys will know ,what a cheapskate I am lol)


How I did it:

Step 1 :

I applied a base coat of pink armour nail strengthening polish and allowed it to dry.

Step 2 :

I applied the pink Colour Couture Nail polish.

Step 3 :

Sprinkled the Colour Couture Glitter on my accent finger.

Step 4 :

I should have applied a top coat,but didn’t.



The result of this being the glitter that didn’t stick to the Colour Couture Nail Polish started coming off and the effect was not as awesome as the pics.So don’t forget to apply your top coat (this also helps your manicure last longer).

All in all the Colour Couture Nail polish, proved to be long lasting.I applied it on Saturday morning and it only started visibly chipping on Thursday.

peace and love coco



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