#feesmustfall Why this is important for our country! and my solution


Everything in this post is my own personal opinion and is not aimed at anyone specific only my responses to general public opinion.So for the past few days our twitter and Facebook timelines have been filled with #feesmustfall. Many supporting the cause and many against it. Some happy about the protests but not impressed with the “hooliganism” and vandalism taking place.

The media is a very funny thing and in most cases only report on the things that will steer you in the way that it wants you to think.There are always two sides to a story,your version,my version and the truth.There is a very nice afrikaans saying…Hulle vertel die waarheid snaaks.

So this is MY take on things and I am open to the opinions of others but please before you come at me,make sure you have your facts in order!

This morning as I was scrolling through my timeline I came across a status and it is one of the many of this nature. “I paid for my studies,my parents/I  had to work hard and sacrifice many things to put me through.They just want evertthing for free!”(This is not the status but I am putting it in a general as there are many post like these and it is too much too mention,individually ). It is also the way these people feel about this matter and I respect it whole heartedly,however it is coming from a really selfish place,I will don’t take anything away from the hard work and sacrifice it took,also not away from that achievement,but remember the freedom charter promised us free,quality education why can’t we fight for it?The response to this question was nothing in this country is free so they won’t get this right,well if everyone had a mentality like that we wouldn’t have been free today would we?

Then at the end of the day most of the people will be jumping at the oppurtunity to study for free when we it is achieved…Ek watch julle…

Most of the complaints are as follows…also accompanying it are my responses.

1.The protests are disturbing people from studying and preparing for finals.

I this is such a huge issue,why aren’t they studying at home you don’t have to study on campus,why aren’t they supporting their fellow students?No time?Too busy studying for exams?There are people going to work protesting during their lunch breaks?all supporting the cause?whats your excuse?During the riots of ’76 the protestors  passed matric without complaining and still succeeded to put an end to apartheid.

2.If education is free people will leave their jobs and go study.

Uhm….that’s the point, to get skilled workers in our country and assist us in becoming a first world country and not just a developing country.Unemployment rate will drop as people will now be educated enough to start their own business and employ others.People must grow and prosper we can’t be working dead end jobs forever.

They are vandalising public property.

There is a way to go about things correct and in no way,shape or form do I condone any of this unnecessary behaviour.If things get done properly it won’t need to become violent.

So,when I started typing this post I was sure that the solution I had come up with was the best way to deal with this issue,and part of my solution I feel will still work,but speaking to struggle heroes and people that were actually a part of winning us our freedom by protesting things were put into perspective for me.(Yes this is the conversations we have on a daily basis and hopefully all families will start having these meaningful conversations instead of retiring to the nothing box (TV) and chowing up all the propoganda and nonsense that is fed to is bia the screen,wet ofcourse took a break from our convo to watch Empire hahaha,which will create a more informed society.


Let the fees fall and fees to be determined according to a minimum % aggregate and have it done on a yearly basis bevause with every right you should have a responsibility. Eg. first year is free if you don’t earn a certain percentage aggregate you have to pay for your second year and then you have a change to redeem yourself and earn your third year free and so on and so forth.

However when expressing this to my father in law, he asked me one question.

Where do these students head when they complete their degrees?

My answer straight to the private sector.

And boom.

It dawned on me,(and don’t come with nkandla stories and JZ supporting his wives etc) if government should subsidise 100% fees we it will be fantastic because everyone will have equal opportunity to free education but for how long?Money will be taken from the pie but nothing will be put back because students will be heading straight to the private sector and their only contribution to this education fund will be the tax that they pay, that will not only be covering education but ALL the other basic needs and rights of the citizens of our beautiful country.


Along with government enforce a rule that massive corporations are too

1.Donate money to the government education fund (Gambling Association regulatory board has ensured that casinos do this or help the immediate surrounding areas so this is more than possible)

2.Corporations that do not comply will be charged an extra 10% tax.

You will then see 2 things happen,either they agree and fees will fall or they don’t agree and fees still fall because the quickest way to get a reaction out of anyone is to mess with their money.Ask me,I’m not the prettiest person when you mess with my money lol.

There is plenty more I have to say about this issue and I feel that I might just not able to articulate myself very well on a platform of this nature. I also welcome anyone who would like to discuss this further and more in depth with me to contact me and we can arrange it.

In conclusion:

Fees might not fall,it might stay the same or it may come down.It may even just fall what do we now but if there is one thing I can say is that I am grateful that our youth has found their voice! No longer shall we be known as the selfie,lazy generation.

We might not get it right,right now but we are marching and fighting for a better future for our generations of tomorrow.All we need to do is stop complaining and start standing up for our rights and be the change we want to see on this nation.

Viva Revolution! Amandla!


We won the first battle 0% fee hike . Let’s keep our voices and fight for our rights.

Peace and love




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