Ralo Quick Dry

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been here for a while and I humbly apologise…my reason for this will be revealed real soon.

Ralo Quick Dry

For the past week or so I haven’t had any colour on my nails for the first time in a very looong time. On Monday I went to the mall with my family (#BurgerMonday).I popped in at Ralo Cosmetics and they were having an epic sale. Zoë chose an eyeshadow as she needs to start her collection (her words) and I got this awesome nail polish.I paid R10 per item.

My husband is not one to really comment on my nail polish choices but this morning while I was writing something he told me that this nail polish really looks nice and suits me and I must agree,since applying it I just can’t stop looking at my hands.I just love how it looks.

It really is a wonderful colour and the application wow,A-mazing. It really means quick dry.I applied it 2-5 minutes before I left for work,when I was done with finger 10 on the first coat,finger one was already dry and I could then immediately start applying my second coat,which obviously cuts application time in half as well.Another thing that was great, is that due to the quick drying time the end result is a beautiful,smooth creamy paint job.

My great moment for Monday:

When I was grade 9,my friends grandmother gave me the nickname Half-pint (due to my height).It really came in handy when I had to take Kai on the play area.One of the kids said sorry girly- which led to Zoë bursting into laughter because how can he call you girly if you are an adult?This obviously made me feel very flattered because still being mistaken for a little girl at the age of 27 and being a mom of two….need I say more lol.


Anyway, chat to you guys soon.

peace and love coco

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