LOTD : Rimmel Lasting finish Cutting Edge lipstick and Essence Honey Berry Lipliner

I have been searching for this deep plum colour for a while now and couldn’t find it and now I have and am thoroughly impressed :)
Here are a few reasons why I liked these products;

Charnelle Coco Avontuur - Rimmel LOTD

1)It is a long lasting – I applied it a 11:30 and by 15:30 it was still going strong,I had snacked on sweets and a sandwich and had, had a cup of coffee, so it last approximately 3.5- 4 hours.

It won’t look as if you had freshly applied for the 4 hours but it won’t come off much as it looked like a very nice lipstain after my four hours,I’m sure if I hadn’t eaten so much,which is impossible for me lol ,it would have lasted a bit longer.

2)It’s affordable- Rimmel Lasting Finish –                    R83.95

Essence Honey Berry Lipliner –       R17.95

Rimmel cutting edge and Essence Honey Berry

3) It looks different yet stunning on all skin tones

Charnelle Coco and Tamsen
 If there is anything that I have left out in the post that you would like to know that I haven’t included in this post, please let me know in the comments section below and I will be delighted to answer them for you.

peace and love coco



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  1. A high intensity color that lasts up to 8 hours with great results. Received the Rimmel lasting finish lipstick by Kate for review purposes and testing.

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