Connecting the dots #PPSA #RED

As you know I have been taking part in the above nail challenge and after trying 5 different designs and 4 hours of trying to get a semi professional mani(which I still didn’t achieve), I finally have something to show you guys.

Nail Art tools

The tools I used and how I used them;

-Nail File

-Polish protectors and dotting tools from Nail Candi : Polish protecters to protect my wet nails and dotting tools to make the dots on the side of my nails.

Dotting tool:

This was my first time using dotting tools an it was a quite an experience lol, after multiple attempts of making properly rounded dots,3D dots and many other dots that just wouldn’t do what I needed it too,I came up with my own technique on how to make it so that I was happy with it.Blog post coming soon.

Essence the gel nail polish #33 Wild White Ways and #17 Juicy love

#33 Wild White Ways

I’m usually a huge Essence fan but oh what a disappointment this polish was.It’s thick,clumpy ,sticky and looks like i have had it for a few months.I have medium length nails and when I apply my nail polish I use the dip,brush one part of the brush against the side and then use the other side of the brush with the nail polish to paint my nails.So when using this, I had to apply two coats due to one coat was extremely streaky and almost see through,as a result the nails that had the white as a base look the worst. Unfortunately for me due to my natural nature of leaving everything for the last minute or as they would say in Afrikaans doen alles op die tippie,lol, I had to make do with this polish.The cap also boasts that it is a colour intensifying base,don’t trust it because it would probably end up looking like you did your manicure with a bag of cement

#17 Juicy Love

Definitely lived up to it’s name and vindicated Essence and I have nothing but “Juicy Love” for it lol excuse the pun.It glides on so smoothly it almost looks like what your lips look like when you apply a clear gloss over your lipstick(which I love) #Glossfan.I only needed to apply one coat and my nails speak for itself.

Nail art with dotting tool


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