Why do men carry their partners’ handbag?


Disclaimer: I am not passing judgment on anyone, this is
purely my opinion.

This question has been on my mind for a while now and I
think it’s time for me to address it, almost
everywhere I go at least one guy is walking
around carrying his partners purse; I’m not referring to keeping the handbag
for a few seconds while the partner is doing something, I’m talking about
actually carrying the handbag around as if it’s his.

Is it because the handbag is heavy?
Or you are marking territory?
Testing whether he submits to you?

So, firstly I feel that it makes my husband seem like he is
my subordinate/slave if I’m not walking with anything and he is carrying my

Secondly I feel that if you as a woman
can’t carry your own bag you shouldn’t have a bag (a bag to me is a useful
fashion accessory and if my partner is carrying it, then it doesn’t compliment my
outfit so why the need for it?)
If you are a confident person why would you need to find
ways to mark your territory? (you would know and trust that your partner is
yours).Trying to irk an act of submission out of your partner by
doing this, spells doom for the relationship
from the word go.

In many Asian countries this is an accepted practice and
I’ve been seeing it here more and more often. Apparently,
it is an expression of their love for their woman. And (some) women not only
like it but also expect it from their men. And no, the phenomenon has not been
observed only in Singapore, but also in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. And the
trend is fairly recent, probably in the last 5-6 years.

I would like to hear what your views are please comment

Peace and Love


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