Ronal Robertson defines globalization as “the compression of the world and the intensification of the consciousness of the world as a whole”

It could also be percieved as as the compression of the minds capacity and the intensification of the confusion of our consciousness to convince us that there is not one point in our lives where we are required to be trendsetters or leaders than sheep following merely following a flock.

We are lured into this false sense of acceptance due to the fact that,yes globalization can be a good thing as a matter of fact it can actually be a great thing, without it I probably would have had to wait a couple of more years to blog at the rate that I am.

We are being indoctrinated from day one, to be just like everyone else, we get told to think the same and when we dare step out of line, it’s off with our heads with the metaphorical gyliotine of society.

We are being stripped  from our culture, stripped from the use of our free minds, brainwashed to believe whoever it is that’s dictating whats hot and what’s not at any specific point in our existence, subservient to this global societ or one society as they call it.

This impacts our industry as a whole wether you are a musician,painter,jeweller or designer, most of the time the material is heavily influenced by American/European pop culture. One of our artists has now even gone so far as to name his song YMCMBesem(after Lil Wayne’s brand YMCMB).

What about our local brands?
Why not represent that?
Whatever happened to Loxion Kulca an awesome brand that no one takes note of?

We should form our own bricks within our social circles and counter this uniformity, who wants to represent anyone else but yourself?

I have a watchdog in my life that continually reitterates the importance of individuality or being unique and it suits me well.

So next time you see someone dress, speak or look differnetly than what is accepted in society, don’t mock or judge them, just love and compliment the person for being brave enough to break free from the system!

Till next time
Peace and love

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