Make up: What to use if you just starting out

There is a few people I ask for advice to make sure of my facts and when it comes to make up,I am always sure to contact Terri Lucks-Richards make-up artist.I am a huge make-up enthusiast but not close to being a make-up artist.This post will be in two parts.1.When to start introducing make-up into your daughters’ beauty regiment and what make-up products are best to start with and 2.Which make-up products to start using as an adult that hasn’t used make-up before but would like to.So basically essential products to have as your starter make-up kit as you become more  comfortable  with make-up you can then start building your collection.
Above are pics of Tamsen ( my creative assistant ; nails lol). It was a make-up look I did for her to show her ,how she can apply make-up without having to look like it’s cakes on.(the bottom pic appears a lot whiter than it actually was due to the SPF in the foundation,when a foundation has SPF in it reflects the light of the flash leaving you looking quite pale).
When is a good time to start introducing make- up into your daughters’ beauty regiment?
So this is a bit of a tricky question and is ultimately based on the parent/parents’ preference,as personally I would hold back up until my daughter actually ask/tells me that she would like to start wearing make-up(want my angel to be my baby for as long as I can have her,they grow up so quickly).
However I reckon that a good age would be at about 13 years old.
The first and most important products to purchase will be your skin care products, your cleanser,toner and moisturiser (Yardley has a great range for young skin) this is actually very important for everyone who wears make-up. Many people think that make-up causes pimples which is not true. The main cause of make-up related breakouts occur due to it the make-up not being removed properly.
Once that has been purchased I would recommend getting a bb cream, a lipgloss,a natural blush and mascara(this is always good to have).A good brand to use would be Essence they are manufactured in Germany  , affordable and aimed at teenagers, so it won’t mess up their skin.
Which make-up products to purchase as an adult that would like to start wearing make-up ; The starter kit.
Get a matte eyeshadow trio in neutral colours like taupe/brown, beige and maybe a darker colour for a smokey eye on a date night like dark blue or grey.
An eyeliner(Essence waterproof mascara is very nice and long lasting)
A mascara (Avon is nice as it is good quality and affordable)
A shimmer stick/bronzer for glow.
A nude lipstick(your own lip colour or slightly darker).And a red lipstick for a night out(Click here to see how to choose the perfect red for you)
A lovely blush (Ralo has a very nice , long lasting and good quality blushes and wide range of colours)
I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, please comment below and then i can answer your questions with a follow up post.

Gold and White or is it Black and Blue?

When my creative assistant is around aka Tamsen we are always getting up to the cute things in life.

So yesterday I was in the mood for a clean, fresh look and while browsing on  She Found , we came across this awesome look.

So to get this precious mani you will need the following items.(If you want to know how to get hold of this striping paper just leave me a comment in the comments section)

We started with a base coat of clear nail polish, then we used the white nail polish over the whole nail, applied the gold to my wedding finger as an accent nail and used the striping paper for the lines.
Hope you have fun trying out this look, please tag / link back tome should you try it out for yourself.

Peace and love 

Red My Lips:How to choose your shade

As of late my facebook timeline has been filled with very negative links/articles etc about victims of sexual abuse and even one that was a little bit less negative(as it was a very noble thing to do) of a father that got stabbed 17 TIMES to protect his daughter from being raped.Where have the days of the decent human beings gone?
I am very sexual person and love dressing sexy or provocatively according to me lol,so please don’t say I’m vain.(see below for a visual example). Is that good enough reason for anyone to feel they have the right to sexually abuse me?OH HELL NO!Please mums and dads start the conversation with your kids,make sure they know when they are being sexually abused and that they never have to feel embarrassed to tell you if it is happening. Well, this wasn’t supposed to be a serious post at all but I just felt the need to do my little part and maybe I’ll do a full post at a later stage to say exactly how I feel.So  here goes the fun part;

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Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

About a week or two ago I finally got my hands on the foundation that I was yearning for ,for nearly 4 months,after countless trips to my local Chanel counter feeling so very embarrassed to go back for testers because I couldn’t see the difference between the shades to having the fabulous Ryan (MUA at the Edgars Tygervalley Chanel Counter) applying it  for me to get the feel of it etc.  I finally got it the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet.To me foundation is a very important part of my make-up regime as I feel it acts as a clean palette for me to create my masterpiece on. Here is my personal experience with this foundation.


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Valentines day Essence and Revlon Ombre Nail Art and Nail Polish Storage

This morning while searching for some tips and ideas for some Valentines Nail Art I stumbled across an awesome Youtube Video by Simple Nail Art Design which I failed at terribly,lol(I couldn’t get the heart stencils right ). Reminds me of a meme I saw a while ago.

So after struggling for nearly two hours,I finally gave up and remembered about a other Youtube Video I saw by MissJenFabulous on how to do a full ombre nail.My result not fabulous but pretty and it was only my first time so I don’t mind the outcome, after all practice makes perfect,doesn’t it? lol
I used the following nail polishes for this look:

Revlon Girly,
Essence Ultimate Pink
Essence Modern Romance
Essence Free Hugs

As I was scrolling through the facebook-verse yesterday, I came across a fantastic blogpost by 
Rayne Alexander where she says he make up storage ideas so I thought I will just leave a picture for you of how I store my nail polish and nail utensils for some inspiration.I bought the acrylic nail polish holder at Dischem for R40, unfortunately my Revlon Polishes are to big for the holder, so I’m in the market for another one, if you have any idea where I could possibly by one, please feel free to leave me a message in the comments section.
Peace and love 

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Smokey eye DIY

Happy New Year to all and all the best for the new year.

This is my first post for this year and I would just lke to say thank you to all for supporting me over this past few months,all the comments,the post likes,the shares and every little thing you do I appreciate it more than you will ever know.I hope to see you all stick around and help me to make this blog the best blog in Cape Town in 2015(new years resolution).

As most of you haev probably seen the pics I uploaded on the facebook page this morning,I am just so impressed with my make-up skills this morning that I can’t help but just spread the love and do a tutorial on the eye make-up I did this morning.Please take note I am not a MUA(Make-up artist) but am a huuuge MUE(Make-up enthusiast) so if you are a MUA and would like to share you skills with us,give me some advice on application or even just do an interview with you let me know by leaving your email adress for me below.

So this is the products I used and how I used it on my eyelid this morning

1.Essence 2 in 2 Kajal Pencil

I used the black and lined the my eyelid as well as below my waterline and smudge the line on the top of my lid and the white to highlight my eyebrows(which are currently not on fleek)
2.The pink in the Ralo Ushas 6 colour pallette
I applied this horizontally on my whole lid just below the brow bone
3. Rimmel Glam eyes Gold Rush
This i applied vertical over the top of the pink shadow
4.Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Mascara
and I finished it off with a nice black mascara to complete the look

Peace and love 

Sorbet harden salon pump nail polish remover;have a spa moment.

I ran out of nail polish remover a few days ago and popped into clicks for a replenish,I was standing in the isle when I remembered a post by fellow blogger Channi Chic recommending the new Sorbet Salon Pump nail polish remover.

So upon her recommendation, I thought, I will give it a try.

I must say I do not regret it at all.

I immediately sat down to remove my nail polish which was already on a few days too long(if you are a follower of my blog you will know that I  change my nail polish on a weekly basis).

I also bought myself a pack of Clicks branded 100% cotton pads to apply the nail polish remover too.

The nail polish remover contains acetone which means you can remove artificial nails with it as well, and its also so first thing that came to mind was a strong smelling nail polish remover smell(which I personally don’t mind but I know that most people do) so when I opened it I smiled a little bit as it actually had a pleasant smell.

It is also enriched with Geranium Essential Oil to enhance the condition of your nails and leave it lightly fragranced.

Something else that impressed me is that it is no mess, no waste and no stress, a few pumps and the cotton pad is sufficiently moistened for your use.
 No need to scrub and press and spend more than a few seconds on a nail which I normally do(coz be a nail art enthusiast, I always have more than one layer of nail polish on my nails), now two/three swipes my nail is clean and because of the vitamins in the remover it doesn’t leave your hands feeling dried out.

I am also very impressed with the budget feature, lol , due to the fact that you only use a few pumps at a time I’m sure this nail polish should last 2-3 months if not longer and obviously depending on use and it also saves you on hand cream coz your hands don’t fell so dried out anymore lol.

In conclusion I would say that the sorbet harden nail polish remover and I have started a good relationship and at R39.99 it’s a steal.

Many of us long for a spa day, but , as a mothers’, career women or students we don’t have the time or money to do this, here Clicks and Sorbet creates that little bit of spa life into our lives.

Be sure to pop this into your trolley or basket on your next trip to Clicks and enjoy a little bit of me time

Peace and love

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