In 1976, as I understand it,Russians decided to overthrow their government, so that every person in the country could benefit from socialism…

Fast forward to 2013, 96 years later and “white”South Africans are protesting against their rights not being taken care of as a minority in this country say what?????after they did it for 40 years without hiding it, really, ever heard of Karma?

They are not safe on their farms they say, their government hospitals are dirty, BEE and affirmative action is the contributing factor to them being unemployed.
So these farms they are not safe on, who gave it to them?How much did they pay for it?As far as my knowledge takes me “white people” came to South Africa and it was already occupied, so maybe if you give the land back to it’s rightful owners maybe you’ll be safe on your property?
Then they say their government hospitals are dirty,oh OK then let’s switch your government hospital for one like say, Delft day hospital where it is not only dirty but people die just waiting for assistance.
Now, let’s tackle BEE and AA, whats your problem?You still own all the businesses in this country, most of the ones with “black” CEO’s as well(too make sure you get tenders), don’t forget when apartheid was abolished you kept everything you stole as per your agreement. In apartheid time jobs were created for unskilled “white people” these institutions still have these people employed at 4 times my basic salary but yet nobody is protesting about that…

It might sound like this blog is all about downing the”white” people , no it isn’t, the first part of this was just an illustration of how delusional some people can be and get if they have enough support.Not only was this whole red October a stupid idea but is creating a bigger problem in our society, people are once again now going to become divided, because according to these people it’s only whites that are affected by these poor conditions.All the things they are protesting against doesn’t only affect white people it affects everybody even more so those of us that stay in the townships that can’t even take a jog in their own street without fear of being robbed or killed,for those of us that don’t have proper toilets(and ten 2 one, they people having this protest, are the same people that were going on about how disgusting the people were that threw the feces at parliament and the airport.Why didn’t they release balloons for the people of SA, being affected by poor service delivery, corrupt politicians and so on?

Yesterday at Tygervalley robots a young upcoming artist decided to sell his CD’s there, the Tygervalley area being a so-called “white” area, being there for barely 10 mins he was harassed by the metro police, informing him that he can’t sell his CD’s there(bearing in mind that it is his own music and not pirate CD’s) and needs a permit yet a few meters away there is a “white” beggar begging for money not needing a permit, what is society teaching us, that it’s OK to beg but don’t try to be an entrepreneur if you aren’t “white”.

Anyway all I’m saying is stop creating divisions in society their are too many already, and if you really believe in a cause fight for all of us not only for your “race” because we are all part of the human race.

Peace and Love

Bafana Bafana profesional soccer players?

What happened to National Pride?

I was so disappointed on Sunday evening watching the game, it’s not even funny…
I wasn’t disappointed with the loss( because let’s face it, at the point where our national squad is, we didn’t expect them to even get to the quarter’s), but what I was most disappointed in, was the comment’s about the coach as well as the attitude of the players.

Why is the country ,now blaming Gordon Ingesund?How many coaches would be able to achieve what he has in the little time frame he had(really, November-January is only 2 months), and a clear indication that he is the right man for  the job.Well done to Ingesund for getting us that far into the competition,lets try and better that for the next AFCON.

Another disappointing factor is the level of soccer that was played on Sunday night,it was just, for  a lack of a better word, disgusting!What professional soccer player/goalkeeper plays like that?
Don’t even get me started on the penalties, allowing Mali’s GK to just read you like a book, miss the goal and not even have a look of disappointment in your face?Dean Furman did well to keep Kheita out of the game so props to him, for that defending but whenever we are attacking he passes the ball to the back, and ends up changing our game into a defence mode.Where is the Vision?

Khune is supposed to be the country’s number one goalie, I have said this before and will say it again there is only one, number one keeper and that is Moeneeb Jospeh’s aka Slimkat, that had to retire from international soccer saying he has personal matters to attend to, when we all know it’s because he wasn’t getting any playing time with Bafana Bafana.If we look, purely at club performance ,which one is in the current champions’ squad Khune or Moeneeb?Slimkat would not have conceded one penalty, I’m sure , because he immediately intimidates the players with his confidence, knowing that he is going to save the goal, Khune allowed the players to intimidate him.Josephs’ has experience behind his name that will allow our players to perform the way they should.Siyabonga Sangweni as I have said in my previous blogs’ is a star player, and has been playing and winning cups with Moeneeb for a few years now,this in itself will change the whole dynamic on the field.I will be setting up a get slimkat back into the squad page on facebook, I will urge you all to join so that our national team can start performing(i will also be posting the link in one of my next blogs).

The best club in the country at this point, Orlando Pirates only has two players to represent them on the squad, and the other one was sitting on the “bankie” for the whole AFCON.

We have players out there that deserve to represent our country and take it back to it’s former glory!I mean really we have players like Steven Pienaar coming from our country, the player that the world revolves around at Everton, you telling me Bafana can’t win an AFCON really?

Must say disappointment runs deep through my veins this week, so much so that I will go as far as to say the whole squad besides Oupa Manyisa and Siya Sangweni should be fired from the team and they must get new players in and Gordon must pick his own team with no interference.

Peace and love

Breaking out of the Box

Hey Guys,

My post today, is going to be somewhat different but, still the same as my usual posts…lol

Before I start I would just like to put it out there,that, what I say in my blog is how I feel, you don’t have to agree with what I say, and you are most welcome to comment(I appreciate all the feedback I get).

So last night I went to watch the open mic session at Montreal in Loop Street,Cape Town.I must say congrats and well done to all the artists that came out and performed as though you were performing infront of a sold out arena,even though there was a very small turn out ,15 people including the bartender.

Very sad to know ,that Justin Bieber’s concert was sold out within an hour, with tickets pricing from R700 each and that people won’t even pay R20 to come out and support our local artists.

Well done to the performers of last night, Mr Goal D Locks, current winner of lyrical warfare, March and April 2012, Chezy B,winner of lyrical warfare February 2012, Die Baarhied-Barendz and Byron Clarke,there were to other artists there as well but they didn’t introduce themselves to us.

I wanna say thank you to them for breaking the mould,proving to the masses that our communities are more than just alcohol, drugs and crime, thank you for showing that we are soo much more than that.

One a  side note, I would just like to say that no one can judge you for having a beer or a glass of wine, but please, please ,when you on stage performing nevermind how many people you’re performing for don’t stand onstage and take a swig of your beer not only is it unprofessional, it throws you right back in to that box you’re fighting so hard to get out of.

Catch die Baarheid-Barendz, Byron Clark and Chella83at African Drum Elsies Pride Vol 2
Date: 01 February 2013
Place: 261 Halt Road
Doors Open: 19:00
Enq : 078 552 5237
Entry Fee : R25

P.S. Got a new addition to the family yesterday,he is too cute chasing me up and down in the house trying to bite my feet,lmao.

Peace and love,

Boosting our National Pride

Woza Woza Woza!

Wowee what a way to start the week!

Bafana Bafana through to the quarter finals of the Afcon,makes me so excited.

Yes I admit, it wasn’t an excellent game, I actually gave up mid way, telling my friends and family that was watching the game with me, that there is no way that we would win this game….

And then out of the darkness, just like he did in the previous match Siya Sangweni ,pulls a rabbit out of a hat and scores!!!!What a wonderful display of skill, a defender, seeing his team struggle pulling to the front and scoring the equalizer advancing us to the next round, and then again just like in the previous match gets absolutely no recognition for it.This is definetly one player that deserved to be man of the match in both matches but, alas, he wasn’t.

The beautiful result of yesterday just gives me hope again for our soccer team in this country,hopefully we can get it back to it’s former glory, like when we had players like Dr Khumalo,Mark Fish and Shaun Bartlett in our team.

One way that they can achieve this is by coming around to our tournament and scouting the young talent out there.I had a fun-filled soccer day yesterday, I had witnessed the U19 Blue Downs football club at UWC sports grounds  yesterday, qualifiers for the Bay Hill Tournament, hosted every year, at the Erica Park in Belhar, Western Cape. They were fantastic they played two matches and won both, first match result was 2-0 to Blue Downs and the second match $-0 to Blue Downs,i was amazed at the skill and finesse displayed by these youngsters and couldn’t help but ask why these guys aren’t being chosen for our national squads.

Here is my question ,as you know, I’m always asking questions lol.Why doesn’t SAFA send some representatives to the different tournaments around the country every year, and select players that show potential, nevermind which soccer club they are with, and groom them to be the players that can make our country proud?

So, well done and good luck to Bafana Bafana for the rest of the tournament, make us proud!

Peace and Love,

Advertsing in our local industry

As you guys might have noticed it’s been a while since my last blog.

It’s quite difficult to blog about this topic,as I ,one, don’t get invited to local events as much as I expected to since starting the blog ,and two, there is once again not much advertising for our local events.

Everybody is talking about the new upcoming Swedish house mafia concert, but there is no word about the next black ties,Emo Adams or even the next Jamali concert.

I would like to give a big thank you to people like Ready D, who are trying their best to help the youth showcase their talents, but in the same breath I would like to ask, is that where it stops?You are giving them a few minutes to present their talents, on a wednesday evening and then they leave your show ready for the next cypher session, but no one contacts them to offer them a chance to perform at their events,or even to drop their demo’s off to see if they will be a ble to make it big in the industry?How about using your contacts to help them out?

Is there no events company that is arranging these big international concerts that feel that they want to give the unknowns a chance? I am not saying to just blindly choose an artist or group and let them be an opening act without listening to them, but what I am saying is give them an open door to set-up a meeting with yourselves and listen to what they have to offer.Don’t knock them down without giving them a chance first.

If any artist would like me to blog about them like an interview, whether you are a model,fashion designer,jeweller,rapper, singer or can contact me on

Peace and Love


Ronal Robertson defines globalization as “the compression of the world and the intensification of the consciousness of the world as a whole”

It could also be percieved as as the compression of the minds capacity and the intensification of the confusion of our consciousness to convince us that there is not one point in our lives where we are required to be trendsetters or leaders than sheep following merely following a flock.

We are lured into this false sense of acceptance due to the fact that,yes globalization can be a good thing as a matter of fact it can actually be a great thing, without it I probably would have had to wait a couple of more years to blog at the rate that I am.

We are being indoctrinated from day one, to be just like everyone else, we get told to think the same and when we dare step out of line, it’s off with our heads with the metaphorical gyliotine of society.

We are being stripped  from our culture, stripped from the use of our free minds, brainwashed to believe whoever it is that’s dictating whats hot and what’s not at any specific point in our existence, subservient to this global societ or one society as they call it.

This impacts our industry as a whole wether you are a musician,painter,jeweller or designer, most of the time the material is heavily influenced by American/European pop culture. One of our artists has now even gone so far as to name his song YMCMBesem(after Lil Wayne’s brand YMCMB).

What about our local brands?
Why not represent that?
Whatever happened to Loxion Kulca an awesome brand that no one takes note of?

We should form our own bricks within our social circles and counter this uniformity, who wants to represent anyone else but yourself?

I have a watchdog in my life that continually reitterates the importance of individuality or being unique and it suits me well.

So next time you see someone dress, speak or look differnetly than what is accepted in society, don’t mock or judge them, just love and compliment the person for being brave enough to break free from the system!

Till next time
Peace and love

Colonised by one self

WOW, but South Africa has talent!

Last night was once again a reminder of just exactly how MC’s(rappers) we have in our country.

Where were the label owners/producers?

They should have been like the crocodile’s in the Limpopo river just snap,snap,snapping up the talent…

A problem that we have in the industry is,that there is a lack of skilled help.
Local newspapers aren’t offering our artists any form of free advertising,charging R2500 for an ad for one week, thus all advertising is being done via social networks or word of mouth, which would be effective if our people weren’t so Americanised(too much into what those artists are doing and not paying attention to ours).

It would be great if the students that are studying marketing/PR/artist management/photography or even media studies assist our artists with there knowledge whether it be entertainment artists/designer or jewellery makers, which is the exposure that upcoming artist need, as when the are coming up they don’t necessarily have enough funds to pay for all those services.Not only will it look good on their CV’s but it will also create a pride in our country’s assets, and we will regard our artists higher than we regard the international artists.

The international artists are chuffed with our artists and type of dances that we do,that people like Beyoncè(coz yes that’s what she is a person) performing our dances in her music video and then people think that it was created by her.Sorry babe my five year old daughter has been dancing like that way before “run the world” was even thought of,lol.

This is a plea to our artists to be REAL,be YOU, and be proudly South African no need to be Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj just be who you are!

Big up’s to our artists that performed at Purple Turtle last night and also to you audience members that were willing to supporting our up and coming artists.

You can follow the artists as well:

Mr Goal D Locks- Goaldy on Sound Cloud and @ASTAR_TSE on twitter
J.O- JOCPT on Sound cloud and legacy events on facebook
Caliber-music downloadable on kasimp3(free people)

And then to the only female rapper that was there last night to represent the ladies Andelene(apologies if i didn’t get your name correct) big up’s babe and keep on keeping on.

Hey! Ladies why is there only one chicka representing us?We most definitely have some dope female MC’S ,so start showing up and bring back female rappers the likes of Godessa.

So follow  our artists listed above,try to get to as much performances of theirs as possible, so they can push up their level of expertise so we can kick the internationals in the rear.

P.S mention the post to your buddies so more people can realise what or where or country should be in our way of thinking.

Peace and Love

Elephant Shoes

8 Letters 3 words…..Elephant shoes!

Wow what amazing talent we have in our city…Jimmy Nevis Elephant shoes is a feel good,sing-a-long song I was listening to on my way to work this morning. I put it on repeat and jammed all the way to work with nothing else but the lyrics of this song in my mind, not giving a worry to the fact that it was only 7:10 in the festive season and on my way to work.

One question was going around in my mind….where are all the other talented people in our country,our rainbow nation we call South Africa???
Do we have a platform where our STARS can perform ,be heard and start a career?not that I’ve heard or seen.Where are those producers that has to build up or create a fantastic entertainment industry in our country?One that will be rivalling our international counterparts because oh yes we have that talent and it’s on par with theirs(better actually in my opinion).

Buy Local CD’s create more Lira’s,Zahara’s and Jimmy Nevis’ it’s up to us to assist in that regard as well so that our local producers can have more faith in our local artists and the fact that they can make it BIG!

Support your local artist by attending the launches(independent labels, trying to make it out there).
Tonight at Purple Turtle in Cape Town there will be an event like the one mentioned above go out and support and you don’t have to pay R700+ for a concert when you can spend less than R200 and get great entertainment and still have money for refreshments.

So guys.

Go out and support local.


Peace and love