Say Goodbye to wash day blues with the new LG Smart Inverter

Hi Everyone!In November I received an email asking me, if I would be keen on testing out and reviewing The New LG Smart Inverter washing machine.Let me tell you I was stoked! I didn’t even let a moment pass before I responded. I have never owned a brand new washing machine. The ones I have owned were always second hand.Having a big Family is no joke ya’ll.If you hate the dreaded laundry basket or have the wash day blues when it’s that time,please read further.

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Tessa’s Bakery comes to town

A couple of weeks ago ,I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when my manager asked me, if I would like to cover the launch of a new bakery, I asked her to forward me the mail and when I opened it, I was so glad that I was the one that got asked to cover the amazing media launch of Tessa’s Bakery!

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