Advice ; To take or not to take that is the question

In today’s society we are constantly conflicted with choosing between old home remedies and items vs new modern medicine and modern gadgets. This is by no means a post to tell you which method is better than the other, but merely to point out home remedies and items that I have come across in this past month. That worked out for my kids and I. I am sure you have heard about or even used one or all of these home tips before please let me know in the comments below.


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The Avontuur(Adventure) of price beating.

I am a part of a very fantastic female group/forum on facebook called Lady Hacks, where we share,tips and advice.We also encourage each other and help to empower one another.

For the past few months,we have been discussing one topic in particular and it has come up almost every month round  about pay day.

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How to start a blog – Part One

19th of July will signal the one year mark of in the loop with coco.

It has taken me a while to get to the point where I am and I am not even a little bit close to where I long to be but I will keep pushing because I am a hustler lol.

I have a very big personality as many that know me will tell you,and I started this blog to express my views and keep me out of trouble because sometimes my passion for a certain topic comes off like I want to be a know-it-all or a very violent person lol(I’m not I promise).

In the loop with Coco logo

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2 minute DIY light switch decor

I finally got the chance to watch Fashion Bloggers TV on E! yesterday which I have wanted to do in forever(and couldn’t because the guys and their sports rule the TV lol). I always knew that by watching it I can only get great tips/advice from it and this was definitely true.So what I took away from yesterdays episode was that if you are going to be taking great videos and photos you have to have 1 of two things ;
1. A room with plenty of natural light.
2. Awesome lighting(which at this point I don’t have).

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