My interview with the boss lady of Feminique

I want to start off by apologising for the late post, I know I promised to upload the interviews on a Monday but ; this week has been so hectic I didn’t even meet my own deadline, lol

I had the privilege of meeting the gorgeous Megan Morides at the pre-launch for her company Feminiques’ launch. 

Below is the interview I had with her.

What is Feminique?
Feminique is an all round service provider, for the fashion and entertainment industry. We specialise in: make up,hair, styling, photography and recruits.

What made you decide to start FEM?
My capabilities as an artist was constantly being complimented by people. My passion and drive for business was a major influence, I then decided to include the youth with the same qualities and business traits and formed FEM.

What are your business goals for the future?
Becoming national is the first goal before going mainstream.Feminique aspires to become a leading empire within the industry, involving everything in fashion, media and entertainment.

Is this your full time job?
No FEM  is my part time job , I studied business at CTI for a year and I have a day job.

What advice can you give to others out there, starting there own business?
Take your passion and make it work. When you enjoy what you do, the outcome will always be a prosperous one

Does Feminique have any upcoming events?
Next event is our high fashion catwalk launch on the 06th December, Standard tickets R100 and VIP R150.

Where can people go to see your previous work?  

What was the most difficult project you have ever taken on?
The most difficult project thus far is the launch event for FEM and our four years in the industry and the different tasks at hand.

The most enjoyable moments?
The most enjoyable moments are those when we connect with people and adding confidence to them as individuals creates a positive attitude towards life overall, and that is what FEM is all about.

What are your thoughts on support local?
Contributing to the progress of the industry locally and helping South Africa grow together

What is one thing no one know about Megan Morides?
haha, I’m a true lover of music and a really good dancer at heart and I’ve always wanted to change the world and FEM is just the beginning




The NX3000 and I

So as you know I was invited to the FEM pre-launch event on Saturday evening and was kindly sponsored with the NX3000 camera by the Brand Store Tygervalley .

Of course the first thing I did was test out it’s selfie features, it has a flip up screen that enables me too hold the camera in a more stable position as well as viewing the picture as I am taking it.

The NX3000 is an awesome bridging camera for someone looking to upgrade from a normal point and shoot camera to a more versatile camera.

I’m not a professional photographer or even a beginner for that matter, lol, but it is the most user friendly camera I have ever used, I switched it on auto and started shooting,but wow, once I started I was transformed into a professional within seconds, my knowledge on camera’s, not being as great, as I now know I want it to be, I didn’t ask for the external flash assuming that it had a built-in flash(which after a long debate with my husband,I finally realised , it didn’t),but it didn’t let me down one bit.

The pictures I took at the event were all taken in low light conditions and still the results were fantastic,I can just imagine the quality of the pics when a flash is attached.

I mentioned to one of the designers that as I was taking the pictures with the NX3000 it immediately, saved the pictures to my Samsung S5,  via the autoshare function on the smart camera app and he was instantly impressed . No one will be left out of a group photo ever again due to the nifty remote viewfinder pro function,you set up your camera to it’s position and then take the pic from your handset.

The camera also has some amazing manual functions which allows you the same functionality as an SLR camera.


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Peace and Love


My interview with Khanita Khan owner of Khankeepup

Today marks the start of my series of interviews with local entrepreneurs and to kick us off in the right direction we start with the fabulous owner and designer of the fabulous khankeepup Khanita Khan.


What made you start your own clothing line?
Well,as a kid growing up,I’ve always had a love for fashion,but fashion that not everyone will wear.My mom however never approved and when I passed my matric in 2011 my mom said I must study film and video production.First year into film I knew it was never meant for me and this feeling continued with me through my second year as well.Then mid 2012 I decided to prove to my mom that fashion is what I will excel in and what I really want to do with my life.I’ve always worked on music videos as a stylist and never as the DOP,scriptwriter etc.
Where did it all start?
Whilst being on film school I started my own brand called Khankeepup    and that’s when my first t-shirt range was born.It was sold to university students. As the year went on,I went on to social media advertising Khankeepup and then my t-shirts started selling in Johannesburg,when that happened my mom finally realized that my passion is not in the film industry but actually in fashion design and styling.
Well done,that’s quite an achievement,where do you get your inspiration from?
Thank you,hard work and determination play a huge role in my success.I’m not where I want to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be.My inspiration comes mostly from fashion icons such as Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe,that’s where my KKouturerange comes in and fashion bloggers from other countries.
Yes,without God we will stagnate and not move forward,what advice can you give to future fshion designers?
 True,the advice I can give is,never do anything for fame and fortune,you need to go where your passion is, never chase the money, if you love what you do the money will come naturally :)
How many ranges do you have and what is your favourite garment out of each range?
Currently Khankeepup has two ranges out called KKOUTURE AND KKOLLECTION.A new range will be launched soon called  KURVES  for the fuller figure women who dares to be different.My favourite KKOUTURE garment was the leather and faux fur jacket that was exclusive to khankeepup(which will be on auction at the FEM Launch on the 06 December).My favourite KKOLLECTION garment and one that was a big hit was the bodycon two piece dress.


Gorgeous,how can clients go about purchasing your garments?
Currently Khankeepup does not have any outlets,but there is an online store where all stock is visible for and
Customers in and around Cape Town can also come view the garments,they can contact me on 0789556274 to arrange for viewing.

Awesome stuff, where will be the next showcase of your garments and how can clients get hold of tickets to see it?
Khankeepup is featuring in an event called FEM,on the 06 December where our new range will be showcased.The event will be held at The
Bentley oyster bar and bistro in Claremont.Tickets can be purchased from Feminique R150nfor VIP tickets and R100 for normal tickets.

Khanita’s Quote:
If local designers supported each others talents and not see each other as a threat, our brands will go from strength to strength.Where there is unity there is God.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of, whats in store for those of you attending the launch

Peace and love

Kim K vs Saartjie Bartman ,South African is what you want to be!

                The hype this week has been all about the                                 Kim K’s butt picture

But as South Africans we’ve been having it
This is a drawing of our very own Kim K , madame Saartjie Baartman
I remember when I was growing up(I lived in a “coloured community”) the name of Saartjie Baartman was used to mock someone who has a little bit more junk in the trunk than others,today now that it’s a pic of Kim K men are drooling over the pick forgetting that Saartjie Baartman was taken out of our beautiful country to be paraded as a freak.
This is not the first time something was stolen from our beautiful country and made to like it originates from the author,the same thing happened with our dance moves in Beyonce’s music video for run the world.
Now is our time to start assisting each other and supporting all forms of our local talent and show the rest of the world what/who we really are!
So whether you rich or poor black or white happy or sad,know that South African is what
 you want to be.THE ORIGINAL
Peace and love

DIY with Mom : Step by Step

Hi there,

*cough cough* struggling to breath with all this dust in here lol

Its been a while since I put up a post.

My daughter has asked me to assist her with manufacturing her own skirt.

So as you all know im a working mom and hardly ever have much time  in my day to assist withbsuch things, but family love and family time is very important to me so this will be the first post in a series of posts on how to make your own skirt at home, fyi I suck at sewing so this will be a learning curve for both Zoë and myself 😉

So step 1 was to decorate the sewing box….

Will upload pics as soon as we are done….

Peace and love xoxo

Feminite Launch

Saturday evening was my first night out without my husband in kids since my son has been born, I went to the Feminite Launch at the Imperial hotel corner Shortmarket and Long street.
It was nice but a little bit crowded.
I was very excited to go as I was dressed by the fabulous Cape Town Style Guru and my make-up was done by Terri Lucks-Richards.
Had the privilege of meeting fellow blogger Channi Chic and can’t wait to see you at events to follow.

Cheers for now

Myciti, yourciti, ourciti

So yesterday I was Dora the Explorer, trekking my way up and down Paarden Eiland, when it came to the part where I had to make my way all the way from Section Street to Koeberg Road I had, had enough of walking and for my convenience I was right in front of the Section Street Myciti bus stop and that is where my adventure started.

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Soft and fresh

Soft and fresh were the words my daughter used to describe the feeling of the Dove shea butter soap against her skin.

When I think of Dove I’m reminded of the advert that they had a few years back with the litmus, demonstrating how moisturising Dove soap bar is and not harmful for the face

That being said I’ve never used Dove before, claiming  that the ad is just a marketing scheme and that its way to expensive to purchase as other soaps do the same thing ,So when I walked into pick n pay yesterday I saw that it was on special 3 for 26.99 and bought it hence my post :)

 I washed my face with soap as I have found that it works much better than cleanser/make up remover to wash the make up off my face but it always feels tight thereafter, with Dove it wasn’t necessary to moisturise at all, I have fallen inlove <3

When I logged on to facebook I saw that they were running a competition to promote the beauty bar, I will definetly be entering as I would love to show off how well Dove works for me.

*only been using it a day but can feel its going to be something awesome #silkysoftskin

#foundanotheruse : I put the empty soap box in my bag to take a photo of it and left it there forgetting to take the pic  and when I was unpacking my bag this evening out came the refreshing smell of shea butter and Voila! A bag freshner no extra charge!

#silkysoftskin #bagrefreshed #constantclean

Peace and love


Battle the fat in two minutes flat

Hey ladies!
It’s been 5.5 months since I have given birth two my second bundle of joy, and the battle of the bulge has now commenced lol

I am a working mother, I work six days a week and have never had an exercise regime, too tired when I get home, have too many things to do in the evening blah blah blah, all excuses.

But my body has changed and I am not happy with the way it looks(operative word being I)so I decided to start watching you tube clips to get some inspiration, a colleague overheard me and said that in order to tone my muscles I just have to do a few easy steps, so this is what I have been doing for the past few days;

10 x squats (for the derriere)
10 x forward lunges
10 x backward lunges (for thighs)
10 x coffin jacks (for abs)

Repeat 3 times
2 nights and then rest for one night

Please remember to stretch or end up like me hoping around with stiff legs and in pain for the whole day lol(hubby taight me a few stretches on night two so not too stiff anymore)

I can definetly feel the burn when im done with my two minute workout lol

Im not a professional personal trainer so please don’t try this without consulting your doctor or personal trainer as I cant be held liable for any injury caused.

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Until next time


In 1976, as I understand it,Russians decided to overthrow their government, so that every person in the country could benefit from socialism…

Fast forward to 2013, 96 years later and “white”South Africans are protesting against their rights not being taken care of as a minority in this country say what?????after they did it for 40 years without hiding it, really, ever heard of Karma?

They are not safe on their farms they say, their government hospitals are dirty, BEE and affirmative action is the contributing factor to them being unemployed.
So these farms they are not safe on, who gave it to them?How much did they pay for it?As far as my knowledge takes me “white people” came to South Africa and it was already occupied, so maybe if you give the land back to it’s rightful owners maybe you’ll be safe on your property?
Then they say their government hospitals are dirty,oh OK then let’s switch your government hospital for one like say, Delft day hospital where it is not only dirty but people die just waiting for assistance.
Now, let’s tackle BEE and AA, whats your problem?You still own all the businesses in this country, most of the ones with “black” CEO’s as well(too make sure you get tenders), don’t forget when apartheid was abolished you kept everything you stole as per your agreement. In apartheid time jobs were created for unskilled “white people” these institutions still have these people employed at 4 times my basic salary but yet nobody is protesting about that…

It might sound like this blog is all about downing the”white” people , no it isn’t, the first part of this was just an illustration of how delusional some people can be and get if they have enough support.Not only was this whole red October a stupid idea but is creating a bigger problem in our society, people are once again now going to become divided, because according to these people it’s only whites that are affected by these poor conditions.All the things they are protesting against doesn’t only affect white people it affects everybody even more so those of us that stay in the townships that can’t even take a jog in their own street without fear of being robbed or killed,for those of us that don’t have proper toilets(and ten 2 one, they people having this protest, are the same people that were going on about how disgusting the people were that threw the feces at parliament and the airport.Why didn’t they release balloons for the people of SA, being affected by poor service delivery, corrupt politicians and so on?

Yesterday at Tygervalley robots a young upcoming artist decided to sell his CD’s there, the Tygervalley area being a so-called “white” area, being there for barely 10 mins he was harassed by the metro police, informing him that he can’t sell his CD’s there(bearing in mind that it is his own music and not pirate CD’s) and needs a permit yet a few meters away there is a “white” beggar begging for money not needing a permit, what is society teaching us, that it’s OK to beg but don’t try to be an entrepreneur if you aren’t “white”.

Anyway all I’m saying is stop creating divisions in society their are too many already, and if you really believe in a cause fight for all of us not only for your “race” because we are all part of the human race.

Peace and Love