Tidying up With Marie Kondo: How I went from 3 fully stacked drawers to 2 neatly stacked ones

Marie Kondo

A few years ago I heard about Marie Kondo and her legendary way of tidying up, I must admit my ass was waaay to lazy to embark on that journey(also working full time will have you doing the bare minimum). Thanks to Netflix SA though I stumbled across her new show Tidying up with Marie Kondo and so has quite a few more people on my Facebook news feed and we are all obsessed.

Marie Kondo

So obviously I’m the most paranoid , hardest believer in conspiracy theories lol so there are a few things that are part of the process that I’m not really comfortable with and I skip those parts. Namely greeting the house(this is something Marie does say is mainly for her) and thanking the clothes – I thank God everyday for the blessing of life, clothing,shelter etc so I don’t find it necessary to thank each garment of clothes. She also mentions that you should only keep the clothes that spark joy, becausewe are not very materialistic \ superficial people we do not place that much importance on clothing, so we simply just took out the clothes that we no longer wanted or didn’t fit anymore.

The first step is too take out all your clothes and throw it all in one pile, start sorting it out what you want to keep and what you want to let go.


From this point we sorted and started folding. Marie Kondo advises that we pick up each item and hold it to feel if it “Sparks Joy” as mentioned above, clothing doesn’t really spark joy for us but when I was done sorting, there was suma klomp sparks of joy lol. Joy filled me because I could donate some of the clothes to those who need it and joy for ZoĆ« because she wants to start a business and in order to raise funds she has decided to take half of it and have a yard sale this Saturday.

First fold your clothing item to create a rectangle

Marie Kondo Fold 1





Marie Kondo Fold 2







Marie Kondo Fold 3







Then fold in half leaving a small gap at the top

Marie Kondo Fold 4







Fold in thirds

If your item can stand on it’s own, you have done it!

Marie Kondo Fold 5







Using this method to fold means you don’t have fold lines in your clothes, because you aren’t stacking the items on top of each other there is no pressure on the item and thus no fold lines :) You are also packing the clothes in a file drawer type of way ( I took it a step further and packed it according to colour) so when you open your drawer you can immediately see all your items,so no need to scratch everything out just to find yuor favourite top.

Below are some of the before and after pics

drawer before marie kondodrawer after marie kondo




drawer before marie kondo 1drawer after marie kondo 1







I am inspired and so excited to be on this journey and excited to see how creative I can get lol, next up the pantry.

Have you heard of Marie Kondo and the KonMari Way before, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Peace and Love


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