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acrimony shockedThis picture perfectly depicts how I was sitting as the credits were rolling at the end of acrimony.This movie had us bugging out for a couple of days after I watched it.This was one of the best movie,I have watched in a long time. Tyler Perry you got me again!

The trailer of Acrimony had left me wanting more!I though Taraji P Henson getting back her own after she was wronged,yes please and thank you.Besides the fact that she is amazing in any role she takes on, this was a Tyler Perry movie and who doesn’t love a Tyler Perry Joint,think the Madea franchise,for coloured girls etc etc. Man was I wrong,but so was Tyler, the trailer is misleading AF but it was all part of his plan

acrimony cover photo


Melinda Moore is a steadfast, hardworking wife who supports her husband, Robert, an engineer pursuing a launch of his invention. A running total/dwindling balance of the proceeds Melinda receives after her mother’s death is portrayed as the couple gets in over their heads in debt, which fractures their marriage over time. The music of Nina Simone is played throughout key moments experienced by the couple. The film is divided into categories based in the emotional spectrum that Melinda experiences.

ACRIMONY: bitterness or ill -feeling

This was the first feeling I got when I watched this movie!How dare he! She takes you back after you cheat on her and cause her to have to have a hysterectomy at such a young age and then still have the audacity to work on a pipe dream,while she slaves away working 2 jobs!DISGUSTING.

But was I really angry at him?Why did she take him back after she caught him red-handed? She dumb,but like she says she was held captive by a four letter word -LOVE

BITTERNESS: anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment.

Was her bitterness justified? I would say yes,but in the same breath was it really necessary to go all the way cray cray?

She has spent her whole life standing by this man,raking up debt,working 2 jobs to keep the lights on and even losing the house that was left for her as an inheritance to have him thank her like this?

I mean I would be happy with a 10 mil and my family home back,but this fool that claimed he loved her,didn’t set out to win her back or make amends.His ass moved on,got a new wife gave her the ring,the home,the yacht and the life that was promised to her!

She sacrificed EVERYTHING! Even the ability to have kids and this is the thanks she gets nah fam,who knows I probably too would going bat shit if I were put in this position.

ANGER:a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

Man,Cookie(coz who refers to Taraji as anything else lol) was angry!She dissolved that dress in the most stylish way man,I would never have the guts. Jail is real and I’m not about that life.

She was blinded by her anger though,and I don’t think she was angry at him.I think she was angry at herself. I’m sure at first when she found out about the wallet she was mad at him, especially because of who the owner was. I can just imagine all the things that were running through her mind.I mean after all this person did to them here she was, popping up again!Did she ever leave? Was he cheating this whole time?

Then angry at herself for listening to her siblings not sticking it through,waiting for that big break. Angry at her siblings for not minding their own damn business and saying these things to her.

Reminds me of the facebook post where if the guy dug one more time he would reach the diamond but because he has been digging for so long he just gave up,so didnt get the diamond.

And then angry because he gave her whole life to someone else,even the ring.

MALICE:the desire to harm someone; ill will.

This is were things get wild.She didn’t care anymore,blinded by rage about everything but in my opinion mostly about the fact that the “other woman” was pregnant she goes off( I rate she was never pregnant and just said so to anger her,no one has such a flat tummy whe they are pregnant),not caring about the repercussions of her actions.She cooks up a plan in true cookie style to do the most. I was like how did she get onto the yacht,did she swim till there?

Part of my was still rooting for her,I don’t know why because at this point everything is now her fault. All these actions were stemming from some hectic stuff but absolutely nothing justifies those actions. The moment she tells the staff to jump overboard,was actually funny like when Madea goes into full Madea mode but worse,she makes Madea look like a saint.The following scenes/moments had me tripping.It was so intense,scary even,because these things actually happen. How many times have we see and read reports of people being killed because they were super angry because they were betrayed.

Did you know that in SA if you walk in on your partner cheating on  you and immediately react and kill them you can claim temporary insanity?How real is that?

VENOM:extreme malice and bitterness shown in someone’s attitudes, speech, or actions.

This movie perfectly sums up how,bitterness,hatred,jealousy,malice and all negative thoughts and not letting go can be a venom to your soul and eventually you pay the ultimate price.

I Know its hard to let go and move on when people have hurt,betrayed and just simply treated you unfairly but it is also not healthy to bottle up these feelings because it will only morphe into venom and although it feels like you are justified it will mainly only hurt you and sometimes be the reason for your demise.

If you ever feel this way but don’t have anyone to speak to you can email/inbox or even dm me, I will be the ear that you need.


This is an absolutely fantastic movie,I have seen quite a few bad reviews of this movie and I just don’t get it. Either they have missed a lot of symbolism within the movie or you actually have to be able to relate to one of the many situations brought forward in this movie to understand it.

One of the most eerie symbols was the way she dies,a nod to the way slaves were tied to the anchor and thrown overboard to die by drowning.I’m not sure if we were the only ones that caught that but man that was hectic

I feel like he was also a wrong to give this woman everything that he had promised to give her I mean,jy is mos aspris man,yes buy a yacht but why give it that name,buy a high rise but not in the same building you promised and sure as heck don’t buy that ring because it doesn’t mean the same to her.

On the other hand she should have just used that 10 mil and cut her losses and move on,it would have never get to that point if she didn’t go on and on trying to seek revenge.Even up until the end she was willing to take him back.

This movie had us discussing it for days after we watched it and I think that was definitely the main purpose of this movie was to get us talking and it has achieved it.

Also is Taraji wearing contacts in this movie,I couldn’t decide.The young Melinda looks just like Rihanna and also plays young cookie in Empire,some free acrimony trivia for you guys.

Have you watched this movie before?Do you agree or disagree with me,let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below

Until next timecoco

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  1. This review is so refreshing! Love it! Loved the movie too but I’m still left with mixed feelings about whether her actions were justified or not…

  2. Just watched it! Maybe I had higher hopes for this movie but it was a 2 out of 5 for me. I really did understand the woman’s scorn but she should have left his ass after he cheated! But we wouldn’t have had a movie. I got a bit bored but I feel her on the rage, she invested so much for some other person to reap the benefits… I’d go cray cray too but not that crazy!

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