Check Trench Coat :This winter’s must – have item

Check Trench Coat

Slay with this winter’s must- have item, the check trench coat.

Check Trench Coat

I have been seeing this check trench coat and jacket combo being advertised all over facebook with what is clearly Aliexpress pics,but I really liked the look and was willing to buy it but none of the sellers could provide me with an actual pic of the outfit.

I was looking for a coat for Zoe in Promenade Mall a few weeks ago. I walked into Fashion World and this immediately caught my eye. Bonus! It was on sale for R100


I showed my mom(she has been a machinist for basically her whole life) ,and she pointed out all of the shoddy workmanship on the jacket.

So she will be fixing it for me and if you guys like I will do a post on the after once she is done(let me know in the comments below).

Check Trench Coat outfit details:

Check Trench Coat Open


Body Suit : Thrift Scavenger – Free because bestie loves dressing me

Tights: Models Own – I always see this in magazines hahaha I just honestly can’t remember because I have had it for so long

Boots: Foschini – R899

Check Trench Coat: Fashion world – R100

This outfit really turned out amazingly,thanks to my personal stylist(My husband). I already knew that when you wear a pattern you should go plain with the your other items,so I asked him to choose between the body suit and a grey tank top.His style is 10 times better than mine so I took his word for it when he chose the bodysuit.

After we took the pics and he edited it for me I was blown away by how awesome it looked because it basically looked like I was wearing a full body suit


What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments below.


Until next time


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  1. Yaaaasss girl! I thought this was one of those coat and high waisted pants set I saw in FB. Ma j lyk lekker ne

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