Monkey Town: Monkeying around with the kids


About a week ago my sister (my kids are so lucky to have an awesome aunt like her) and I went  Monkey town in Somerset West with the kids, as a belated birthday present for Zoe.


It was my first time going to Monkey Town and I must admit when I saw the passage way we had to go through I was freaked out.I am not generally an animal person but I do believe that to have well rounded adults we have to expose our kids to as many different experiences as possible. This way they get to decide what exactly it is that they find interesting in life and not just have a narrow minded outlook on life.



The Monkey Town staff explained the passage way to us,they said that we are in the cage and the monkeys can go wherever they please, just like in the wild.All fingers to be kept away from the fencing as the monkey’s will see it as a threat and bite it off.




Monkey Town is currently running a #monkeytownwinterspecial which runs up to the 30 September 2018

R65 p/adult
R45 p/child (3 – 12 years)
R25 p/toddler (1 – 2 years)

This includes use of the pool and braai facilities.



There are quite a few things to do at Monkey Town.You can get to see all the animals(they dont just have monkeys) in the sanctuary,you can also go on a guided tour with one o the Monkey Town staff,Allan led ours and his talks were extremely entertaining and informative.They have a reptile garden with many different reptiles but mostly snakes,ones I didn’t even know existed. You can also braai and swim there,because its winter the pools weren’t filled.I would love to go back in the summertime because the super slide looks so cool.

They have a park area as well which the kids loved,their favourite was the trampoline :)

If you choose to not to braai,your pass allows you access to Monkey Town for the whole day so I would personally either pack a picnic bag or go grab some take aways,as the restaurant on the premises quality of food is not too good.

monkey town parrot


We really learnt so much things,that I will rather share with you in the video below,better for consuming than all this writing hehehe.


I will mention though,that people can be really mean to animals,we met a recovering alcoholic monkey(the owner fed him beer for 6 months and brandy and coke for a long time before he was rescued). There is also a gorilla that is not allowed to be around others as he was kept in a small cage for 10 years and only certain monkey town staff are able to see too him as well.

monkey town lama

Also moet nie dink jy is slim nie hahaha,I made a right fool of myself. we walked pass an “ostrich” and loud and proud I said it’s an ostrich because I didn’t look properly. My sister then corrected me by letting me know that it’s actually an Emu(Australian bird). I obviously asked why there is an Australian Bird in a South African sanctuary  and they told us that Monkey town works closely with other sanctuaries as well as the SPCA and they often swap out animals with each other,I didn’t ask why because it already seemed like I was just trying to cover my stupidity lol



We had a truly amazing experience and I am glad we decided to go. I can also say that people that say that TV and Technology are not good for kids,aren’t really seeing the benfits. My kids love Madagascar and when they saw the lemur’s ,they said that is king Julian. Kai loves watching eduactional Youtube video’s which help himwith his listening skills and when we asked him questions regarding what the guide had told us,he had taken it all in and could tell us :)

monkey town kai

Have you been too Monkey Town before?Is this somehwere you would love to take your kids?Where do you think our next Avontuur should be?I’m thinking the aquarium.Let us know in the comments below

Until next time.




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