Take pics like a Pro Photog with the new Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 pro full body

I know you guys have been waiting a while for this , but I has a few things to do or confirm before I did this post.The Huawei P20 pro has impressed me thoroughly and below I share all my favourite bits about it…Can you guess which feature I loved the most?

Huawei P20 pro midnight blue
Picture courtesy of https://geekculture.co/huawei-p20-and-p20-pro-first-impressions/



The Huawei P20 pro has a huge 6.1 inch AMOLED display and runs on the Oreo(Android 8.1) operating  system.It also boasts an octocore processor which means that you can have multiple apps open at the same time without your phone lagging.You also don’t have to worry about your battery dying because the Huawei P20 pro comes with a built in battery of 4000mAh.The battery was put through various stress tests to ensure optimal battery power under very tough conditions. The Huawei P20 pro is  IP67 certified(dust and water resistant) so that means that you are able to use it under water up to 1m for 30 mins.It comes in a wide range of colours namely; Twilight,Midnight Blue(My favourite),Black and Pink Gold.

Huawei P20 pro aesthetic


It has an gigantic internal storage of 128GB and no mem card slot ,which I personally find is not a problem it is much more than enough storage for a phone,I am still far from filling up my 32GB storage on my Huawei P10 lite.It also has a powerful 6gb ram which is more ram than even some laptops have,so for a handheld device this is very impressive,we have really come a long way from our 512mb ram we used to brag about.Isn’t technology just awesome?



The Huawei P20 pro has 4 camera’s! 40 mp and 20mp Black and white 8mp at the back and a 24mp front camera.This camera shoots amazing pictures in lowlight thanks to the fstop 1.8 on the rear camera and 2.4 on the front camera.The AI that is built into the software of the camera,is so intelligent it will automatically detect what setting you are in and it will change the camera setting accordingly so you can get the best possible pictures from your Huawei P20 pro camera.

Takelots of action pics?No problem…With the laser autofocus on the huawai P20  pro you will not miss a beat,we tested this at the launch we attended at the media 24 building,I asked hubby to dance while I was recording and it tracked his every move!

Huawei P20 pro autofocus

He really enjoyed the time-lapse feature,not much different to other devices but the quality of the camera puts it on another level!He reckons he would be able to shoot some amazing clips to add to his music videos with that feature

Huawei P20 pro selfie

Price of the Huawei P20 Pro:

Cash:R15 699

MTN Contract: R669 pm

Cell C Contract:R899 pm

Vodacom Contract: R699 pm

Huawei P20 pro full body

All in all this is a pretty great device and I will definitely recommend you to purchase it,its got all the flagship credentials at a really affordable price.The huawei P20 pro also comes with an TWO free screen repairs which many other manufacturers have started charging for or don’t offer at all. It even has an earphone jack lol

Huawei P20 pro night shot

Please let me know if you enjoyed this review and if you have any tech gadget you would like me to check out and review for you.Please let me know in the comments below



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  1. This phone is definitely on my wish list! Love the features and the pictures you took! Damn you look good!!!

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