1 Pants 2 Looks:Looking stylish on a budget


I only get dressed when I go out. Since I have entered the journey of self employment getting dressed has literally been the last thing I worry about, when one of my friends popped in(I was wearing track pants and a tee) he reckoned, “dis n wonder jy het nie pajamas aan nie.” Lol the hustle is real and hardly has time for dressing up. Most days I finish all my work wearing PJ’s then go shower and get back into a fresh set of pjs lol.

CYMERA_20180607_143224So when it comes to going out, I try to look as best as I possibly can. Just like there is no time to get dressed, there is also no funds to purchase a new outfit every time I need to attend an event in this self employed life. Which brings me to the whole point of this post.

Today’s post I show you how I wear one pants in 2 different ways. The pics I have used are from a while back when the weather was still fine , however the look can be easily updated to suit our current weather by swopping the sandal out for a nice black boot and a jacket that matches your top for the heat. I will see if I can put together a winter look with this pants for you guys. Anyway on to the outfit details



Top : Mr Price R59.99

Body Suit: Mr Price R89.99

Pants : Mr Price R139.99

Shoes : Sissy Boy (factory shop in Access park) R290

As you can see the only difference is the top. In the left pic I was attending my cousins wedding so I could go a bit more casual. In the right pic I was attending  a business meeting,hence the laptop bag so I decided to match it up with a velvet body suit to make it a little bit more formal

I’ve really been digging the whole high waist pant vibes lately as after two years I still haven’t got rid of the c-section pooch. Post pregnancy body miracles are now officially in the ISSA LIE folder in my brain.The only time I had my pre pregnancy body back was after I had Zoe, and I was 19 then,gravity was still my friend hahaha

Also thanks to this pic I have now realized that I pose the same in most of my pics lmao!I’ll work on my schmodel poses for you guys

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.Did I pull it off or does it look like the same look to you?Would you like to see me create a winter look with this pants?

P.S I know I’m supposed to refer to it as pant,but I just can’t hahaha


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