JHB:My First Aeroplane trip and stay at Jackals Creek Golf Estate

Last year December we hosted our first beauty expo in Johannesburg, (one of the many firsts’ I experienced on this trip.) This was the first time I booked accommodation in JHB for myself and also the first time in my whole 29 years and 8 months on this planet that I was to take a flight to anywhere,so needless to say I was nervous as a mother lol…



Our flight was booked for 6am and even though it was only a local flight I still wanted to be there early(2hrs before), because I’m always late and ain’t nobody got time to be missing flights.I only went to bed like pass 12 because separation anxiety is real, and I hadn’t been away from the boys for a whole night let alone a whole weekend before.

I was glad we were early because the que for baggage check-in was long obvs everyone had the same idea as us and opted for a that flight coz the tickets are cheaper lol(I have since discovered online check-in). By the time we were done at the check-in our flight had already started boarding,but I swear the shuttle driver that took us to the plane was a taxi driver in a previous life because he overloaded that bussie lol it also smelt a bit like I was in a metrofail 3rd class carriage maar okay moving on. As the plane ascended I was scared AF my leg suma felt warm oupal and Shamiela was just assuring me that I will be ok and that I must breathe.


Using the toilet on the plan was another story, all I kept on thinking was what if my insides get pulled out hahaha so of course I waited  for Sham to go first before I did, just to check how it gets done etc,I am the absolute worst when I  am in a situation I have never been in before.Back at the ranch, guys I have to tell this part of the story,just to show you guys what a DAB(Down Ass B) I have for a friend,she was just as scared as me, the last time she was on a plane she was a baby and she stayed strong for me guys, she knew how freaked out I was and suppressed her anxiety for me!Like what did I do to deserve such an awesome friend man?


Jackals Creek Golf estate

We stayed at an air bnb apartment in Jackals Creek Golf Estate,click here for listing . We didn’t get to use the amenities because we were simply just too busy. No one warned us that each suburb in JHB is a city apart lol

The apartment can sleep up to 6 people and costs about R430 per night and about a R100 per person per night.It has  2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.When we arrived I ran too book my room and I chose the one with the double bed

JHB accommodation room

Obviously when we got back from the event the Saturday,naturally we had to unpack all the happenings of the day, so I ended up sleeping in the other bed in Sham’s room, it has twin beds.It’s a real lovely place with a living room and kitchen as well,so it feels like a home away from home.The host is also really amazing and I would recommend that if you are planning to head to JHB and need accommodation, this is the place to stay.It’s very affordable as well so you can spend all the extra’s randela’s on the petrol you are going to need while travelling around JHB. Another plus is that it is situated close to Lanseria airport so even your flight will be cheaper 😉

Other than that our stay was peaceful as the golf estate is actually a residential area so it is very quite so if you are on a getaway you can be assured that it will be one of pure bliss and relaxation.This is definitely my first choice if I ever require accommodation in JHB again.

Have you stayed at Jackals creek before,let me know if you enjoyed it as much as we did :)

peace and love coco

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