Say Goodbye to wash day blues with the new LG Smart Inverter

LG Smart Inverter

Hi Everyone!In November I received an email asking me, if I would be keen on testing out and reviewing The New LG Smart Inverter washing machine.Let me tell you I was stoked! I didn’t even let a moment pass before I responded. I have never owned a brand new washing machine. The ones I have owned were always second hand.Having a big Family is no joke ya’ll.If you hate the dreaded laundry basket or have the wash day blues when it’s that time,please read further.

LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine

Once I had responded they requested my address and asked which capacity machine I would like. We are a 8 people in our household so I opted for the 15kg.

I received it on the 28th of November and couldn’t wait to install it. Luckily for me,I have an awesome handy-my-man(my hubby) so he immediately installed it for me and I proceeded to do a thank you video on my social media.My boys, took the box it came in and created a LG Smart Inverter box fort :)

LG Smart Inverter Fort

It took me a while to complete this review .The main reason for this, is that ,I needed  to see exactly how it performed and what I loved and didn’t love about the product. Then we were also hit with hectic water restrictions, which then gave me another chance to check it out from a different perspective.

I used to work in a Brand Store for another popular home appliance brand(HA) and was very interested to see exactly how the LG Smart Inverter matched up.

So as I have mentioned above, I opted for the LG Smart inverter 15kg washing machine.I received a white one and was super impressed with the look and the size.It was very compact, it was the same size as our previous 13kg but the drum was much bigger and  could handle a bigger load.To test this we popped in 2 blankets and a comforter and it all went in and came out smelling amazing.The pro about that is that you don’t have to worry about it being too full and each item not get cleaned as it should. Yay for clean,great smelling clothes. Wish I could jump in for a lovely bath – hehehe water restrictions has me tripping and longing for a bath 😉

LG Smart Inverter Tub

Favourite Features

Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control

What  impressed me the most about this feature is the fact that  it takes 36% less electricity than a conventional machine. The LG Smart Inverter Technology eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling energy use. I especially liked this because if this water crisis has taught me anything it is to be more wise So if we all can start saving electricity too we don’t have to worry about getting load shedding after the water crisis is resolved. We also get to save some more money because R2 per unit…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Smart Motion 

This feauture is totally cool. Smart Motion is 3 kinds of motions created by Smart Inverter for optimized washing by fabric type. Previously I used to separate my loads by care instructions, because I hate that when I throw my clothes in the machine and it comes out with those nasty fabric bubbles.

Turbo Drum™

Was also a favourite of mine. TurboDrum™ enables the most powerful wash and removes even the toughest dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.So clothes come out much cleaner and fresher than a conventional washing machine

LG Smart Inverter Turbo Drum

As you guys know I am a very scatter brain individual hahaha and so a top loader is the only type of washing machine we can have just in case I miss an item. I can just pop the lid(and this lid is so soft just like the washing machine itself) and add it to the wash cycle.

With the drought her in Cape Town this machine has really been an awesome asset in our household. We fetch water at the springs for our washing, so when once we pour it into the machine,it only adds a teeny bit of water as it can sense that the water is at the correct level.There is also a pretty cool quick wash function which only uses about a litre or 2 of water and only runs for 30+ minutes.

LG Smart Inverter Quick Wash


Overall I absolutely love this washing machine,it makes wash day that much more bearable. I will definitely recommend it to anyone that’s  in the market for a new washing machine.The final cherry on the top for me, is that it is practically silent.It is only 45DB vs your alarm that is standard at 80DB. We like to put our washing on in the evening and then in the morning our first load is ready to be hung.Our kitchen and living room area is open plan and while we are watching our favourite programmes we don’t know that the washing machine is out here doing the thing.

Do you have any questions about this washing machine?Drop your comments below and I will answer them for you. P.S I love comments (wink)

To Check out more info on the LG Smart Inverter  you can click here

LG Smart Inverter Strong


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