Space Staion at Canal Walk Shopping Centre: Avontuur Adventures

space station

Hey everyone! It’s the start of the school holidays and the return of the dreaded question mom,dad what are we going to do this holidays? We were fortunate to be invited to the pre-opening of the Space Station at Canal Walk, last night and were we excited!

space station

Kai has a keen interest in all things out of space, so when I told him about the Space Station event he was too excited.He proceeded to tell me that if he goes to Mars his feet will burn and should he go to the blue planet his feet will get cold.We are based all the way in the boondoos like my friend Shamiela loves to say, so we left a bit earlier so we could be in time for the opening which started at 6pm. We got to Canal Walk at about 4.30pm and went to grab a bite to eat at John Dory’s,half price sushi for the win.The kids started their playing mission in their cool play tank and got even more hyped up for what the Space Station had in store for them.

space station

It was finally entrance time and we were hella amped to get in.From the moment we stepped until we left, Zoe and Kai were occupiped. Jumping, climbing,rolling, sliding and hiding were just some of the things they got up too.At one point Kai was lying on his back in the foam bed reciting all the names of the planets that were hovering above him.

space station space chair

Zoe went on the black hole slide a few times,she totally loved it, with this slide you going down super fast to mimic a black hole which is buckets of fun for the kids, I wanted to take Zion up but unfortunately you are only allowed up one at a time.

They had the star sign constellations in a room as well which was quite cool and Zion enjoyed that as it was an interactive room with push lights.

space station space mirrors

Due to his age,there was not much for Zion to get up to and we went to chill at the seating area,where we chowed down on complimentary space cloud(cotton candy) and slushies.

space station space cafe

They space station crew were awesome.They  are all very friendly. We even had a cheese(foam blocks) fight with one of the crew mates that was supervising in the asteroid field area,which was the favourite area of the whole maze for our kids.

We would definitely recommend you to take your kids there,if they are old enough you can even let them go in while you are shopping and then just pick them up when you are done.

So how can you get in on this action


Canal Walk space station, a fun family activity.A giant intergalactic maze with a huge array of fun zones  at every turn. including a slide through the black hole slide that will launch you into the galaxy and beyond, interactive constellation chamber and a pop up planetarium.

space station space fight


Canal Walk Centre Court Arena


7 December – 14 January | closed on 25 December
10am – 9pm | 45 minute sessions start every hour on the hour


Prices Start from R40 to visit the pop up planetarium

and R80 for a 45 minute playing session

This is our first installment from our new Avontuur Adventures segment. Hope you get to have a great time like we did, can’t wait to hear you share you experience with us.

Peace and love


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