Rocked this Momma ; A Roco mama’s review


Hi my lovelies,I am back!

Hope you guys are doing great.

I have been MIA for a while but I promise I am back for good now hehehehe.

As you all know I am a slave to the system and I am working 6 days per week.I have been super busy with Beauty Swop’s website and have now finally settled in well over there.

So as my first post back I thought I write about something that all of us need in our lives and that is food.Now me,I loooove food.

So atleast once a month, I do my best to take the family out for a stuff your face session.


We normally end up going to Spur.About a year or 2 ago we saw the trend of the monster shake and I was constantly tagging my sister in these posts as I saw them alas,they were only available in JHB.

Then the inevitable happenned,it came to Cape Town in the form of Rocomammas,but,again,only in Seapoint and me,I stay in the Northern Suburbs.So when I saw we had our very own branch at Somerset Mall,I knew that I needed to go.What a wonderful experience we had.

When we arrived we were seated immediately and handed our menu’s,which was actually our order form.An amazing concept,you place tick off the items you want straight on your menu(so if your order gets messed up,guess whose fault it is)

roco momas

Eddy was so happy because they serve beef ribs( he is allergic to pork) so obvioulsy that is what he ordered with a side of fries.All ordersare served without fries so you get charged extra for fries.

Rib and Fries

Zoe had the Cracker Jack burger which is made up of a beef patty,bacon,maple syrup,nachos and rocomayo and a side of fries

Rocomamas Cracker Jack Burger

I have a mini obsession with Burger Kings chilli cheese poppers, so when I saw they served chilli poppers I had to try it,I also ordered myself 4 wings (much better than zinger wings and more filling too definetly worth it foor only R25) which came with a lovely blue cheese sauce.Now I am not a big fan of blue cheese in fact I don’t like it at all but they taste sensation I received when I dipped my wings into it,that mixed with the basting sauce on the chicken,whoo shem!Full disclosure I didnt know it was blue cheese sauce otherwise I wouldn’t even have tried it. Unfortunately the chilli poppers didn’t do it for me.My order wasn’t a big one because 1.I knew I would have to finish Zoe’s meal and I’m trying to watch my figure guys hahahaha and I came for something else….

Rocomamas Wings and chilli poppers



…The pièce de résistance, the milkshake! By this time everyone was full except me of course,so we decided to just order 1 and whoever wanted could just dig in!




We had one small problem though,this branch is very small and doesn’t have a play area,but the Somerset Mall food court does have it’s own play area.Kai insisted on going to play their which is not in eye view of where we were sitting so unfortunately Ed had to go stand there the whole time,which meant we didn’t get to really sit down and enjoy our meal together.

Overall we really had a great time at the restaurant and I will definetly reccomend it to anyone that loves food.We spent R500 including tip and for a family of 5 I really think that it is value for money.

Have you been or planning to go to Rocomamas?Let me know in the comments below.

peace and love coco

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