Sally Hansen Extreme Wear : Purple Poison Review

Today’s post was supposed to be a review on the Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat but once I applied this polish,I just could not bring myself to painting anything over it.

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Purple Poison

The new craze lately has been chrome/mirror nails and I have definitely been sucked in.The plan…to have my nails done in the coffin shape and coloured in rose gold mirror finish as per the picture below.*If you know of any mobile nail techs that can cone do this at home for me,please let me know.


However I have been waiting for payday as you know maternity leave etc etc. Little did I know that in my nail polish case I actually had a Sally Hansen Purple poison nail polish.

This Sally Hansen Extreme Wear nail polish is a really pretty nail polish and actually gives a different effect with each coat.

I applied one coat and it was a really pretty pink colour with a purplish shine.

I then applied the second coat and it was a gorgeous purple colour with a mirror/chrome finish.

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Purple Poison Swatch

The Sally Hansen purple poison quite a long wearing nail polish,I have been wearing it for 3 days now and it is still going strong (also dependent on what you do with your hands).

If you are looking for the mirror/chrome look without the price tag,I would definitely recommend purchasing this.

Have you tried this before,let me know your thoughts below.If not,would you bet keen to try it?

peace and love coco

2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Extreme Wear : Purple Poison Review”

  1. No, i haven’t tried this polish out yet! Purple does look great, as you know i had my nails earlier purple. The colour suits you well. I’m in the mood for something more bright at the moment, just not so sure what polish i would pick. I will decide tomorrow what i’ll pick from my drawer.

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