Catrice Matt Mousse Foundation

Catrice Matt Mousse 020I don’t usually use mousse foundations, because my previous experiences with it hasn’t really worked out for me.So when I received it as a gift from Terri Lucks MUA I was quite keen to see how it works this time around and I was quite happy with the outcome of the Catrice Matt Mousse foundation.

The Catrice Matt Mousse 020 is a pefect match for my skin,it’s normally a bit of a struggle for me to find a matching colour in drugstore brands.I am a NC30 in Mac studio sculpt(click here for my review).

Catrice Matt Mouse 020

When you initially apply it, it goes on very lightly,but once you give it sometime to settle(I normally give it 1 – 2 mins to set before I apply anything on top of it) it looks very natural and gives medium coverage.I’m a sucker for full coverage foundation but I have just recently started practicing the contouring technique and find that this is a great foundation for that purpose because with countouring you have to add many layers so this is a great foundation for that.

Catrice matt mousse 020

Catrice Matt Mouse is the first foundation that I have used that does not transfer too much.This is normally one of my main problems with my foundation.

This is definetly a foundation I would recommend for use if you are contouring as you need to layer quite a bit of product on to you face.

Have you tried this before?Let me know your thoughts



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