Swimming in a Sea of Sexy denim :Cosmo Jeans Show 2016

Each event has a particular mood to it, the mood at the Cosmo Jeans Show was something I was easily able to differentiate from other fashion shows I have attended.cosmo jeans

I felt very welcomed, it was upmarket and the decor aesthetically beautiful, yet I still received a message stating  “you are meant to be here”. Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show, is not only for those working in the fashion industry, but also for all those  who love clothing and fashion.  The organisers and staff at the event set the tone that the event is for “everyone”.

To better illustrate this mood or tone, allow me to paint a picture through my words. The people were incredibly talkative and friendly while waiting in the queue, they ranged from bloggers all the way to married couples who enjoy shopping together.

cosmo jeans
Miss World,Just Jade,Shelley

Whilst standing in the queue, staff approached us and stated that if we wanted our pictures taken we were welcome to follow them and we were escorted to the front, where we were given our beautiful complimentary gift bag (I will come back to this) and then had our picture taken. The photographer took at least 3 photographs of me, he was patient and wanted to get a good photo.

Cosmo Jeans cosmo jeansComplimentary Rose wine was provided by waitrons on trays thanks to Namaqua.

There were various stalls, such as a makeup stall by Yardley where the ladies were given the opportunity to have their lips done by makeup artists. The selection of lip colours were endless and the ladies stood indecisively staring, or asked the makeup artist to decide on a fitting colour.

A beautifully presented candy stall that evoked my “inner child” was set up at the event. My 6 year old self suddenly emerged as I stood in the queue waiting for all the complimentary candy, which was presented in a dreamlike manner.

cosmo jeans

I then took my seat and waited for the show to start.

The MC Nomzamo Mbatha had my attention, she was eloquent and sassy. She exudes confidence in a very unapologetic manner with a brilliant sense of humour. I could see this was her authentic self.

cosmo jeans

The entertainment included a very talented group of dancers, who gave quite the theatrical performance using the top of a metal bin and a broom as instruments.

The fashion was relatable, they were garments that “real people” wear, yet still sparking inspiration. The textures varied greatly, from fur to denim to sequence, knits and pleather. A modern take on semi pleated skirts was another garment I saw frequently.

The denims were dressed up and dressed down (versatility is one of the beautiful elements of denim). I particularly liked the male models wearing the dungarees, I truly hope this takes off. What stood out were berets, blanket scarves, military chic, jump suits, pinafores and long denim dresses. With regard to the varieties of denim (colour, cut) it was clear that it is currently a case of “anything goes”. Faded denim, white denim, and black denim. An endless sea of sexy denim!

cosmo jeans

At the end of the event Jimmy Nevis made an appearance and of course his performance was killer with his amazing vocals and infectious charm.

cosmo jeans

Attending this event alone was quite scary, as fashion shows can often be rather stiff. This was not the case and I enjoyed the people, the vibe, the fashion and the alternate entertainment. Thank you Cosmopolitan for an amazing evening!

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