Naillinkupsa: Cupcakes

This prompt I chose to do this week is the cupcake one because I am a huge Johnny Depp fan and am honouring the Alice in Wonderland: Through the looking glass by referencing the original Mad Hatter’s tea party.
mad hatter

This would have been my intro if, I had mastered the act of making a cupcakes on my nails but, alas after several attempts at trying I gave up and decided to switch it up and do cupcake holder papers instead.

As a base coat : I used my Yardley proteinised glaze treatment nail polish and on top of that my Tickled Pink Wet n Wild nail polish(Clicks R23.95).I must admit that it is really a great polish. Initially I was a bit disappointed because I felt it was way to sheer but after using it today I was forced to swallow my words,if you use a good base coat it goes on well.Cupcakes

On my thumb and pinky I did stripes with Rimmel Fast and the Fuchsia nail polish and on the ring finger with striping tape to illustrate the different ways of making stripes.

The middle and index finger were decorated with patterned stickers chevron and bunny hop respectively.


I’m okay with how it turned out but am sure with more practice can do a better job. It does however look 10 times better than my cupcake attempts lol.

What do you think about how it turned out?

peace and love coco

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