When profit is the priority

On Saturday my mum came to pick myself and the kids up so we could spend the day together and watch a movie.

We decided to go to Canal Walk cinema’s to watch Zootropolis. We were  three adults with three kids under the age of 9 with us ,which ,in  itself is already a task and a half lol.

So as expected Zion needed to have his nappy changed and coming from the Northern Suburbs where we have fantastic ,easily accessible baby changing/breast feeding facilities in our malls,I was quite disgusted when I was advised/expected to change my sons nappy on a little ledge in the cinema’s toilets as they didn’t have a baby changing facility.Obviously there was no way I was going to do that.I then walked back out and asked someone else if there really isn’t a baby changing facility as going to the cinema is a family activity and he said no and advised me to change his nappy in the kids section(there are only tables and chairs available so I assume he wanted me to put him on the floor?) nevermind, how I would dispose of the nappy.I again refused and asked for the manager who then advised me to change him right there on the ottoman like seats,which I did because what other option did I have.

So when the need to change him arose again,I decided to go find a proper baby changing area.I went to 3 different toilets and the only “baby changing facility” (I put this in invertedcommas,because shoo, what a pathetic excuse) I could find was a pull down piece of plastic in the female toilets where everyone can see or smell what you are doing (totally embarrassing ) and this is with a family toilet right opposite!The least that could be done is for that facility to be moved to the family toilet for more privacy.I then had to lay him in the floor (on his blanket) in the family toilet so I could change his nappy.

Thankfully when we needed to change both his and Kai’s nappy we were busy shopping for a birthday present for Zoë at Woolworths,that has it’s on private room so you can change your childrens’ nappies and even breastfeed them.

The worst part is that this is to my knowledge the biggest mall in Cape Town but yet can’t compare or cater for the needs of it’s patrons but the smaller malls can.

Have you had this experience at a mall before?Let me know in the comments section below.

peace and love coco


8 thoughts on “When profit is the priority”

  1. Hi Coco, we apologise for your bad experience. We have passed your concerns on to Nu Metro Management. We have a Baby Changing Room at Entrance 2 and 3 in-centre, which is available to all customers. These rooms are equipped with a private nursing room and baby changing mats. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Regards, Canal Walk Management.

    1. Thanks for the apology,however this is not a solution to the issue,if I am at checkers and my child needs a nappy change do I now have to venture all the way to entrance 2 or 3?Why can’t the family toilets be equipped with these facilities?Also the response on twitter is a shocker,if my child needs to be changed 3 times suring a movie and I must make my way to entrance 2 or 3 how much of the movie do I get to see?At R65 per adult ticket it is just plain unacceptable!

  2. OMG!!!! I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!! I had to change Jude by the toilets at Kauai, which firstly smelt like S8%^ and then, there, shame, bless her, was this mother, a foreigner, who was sitting on the ledge by the mirror, feeding her baby and every time someone came in they knocked the pram into her legs, because there was no where else to put it other than directly behind the door. So I tell her about this “baby facility” at the entranced mentioned above (I’ve never seen these, and they I am always at a place where I cannot walk to another entrance just to change my uncomfortable baby) and she says she had no time to get there, her baby was starving and screaming, so she didn’t have any other choice, not to mention that she didn’t even know where those entrances were. I am APPALED and utterly disgusted!!!!!

    1. And the response is just pathetic,they have now basically passed the buck over to numetro (which is also at fault) but they can atleast take some responsibility.Mall that don’t even have half of the foot count have better facilities.

  3. I totally agree with you coco, I am a new mother and my baby girl is 10 months old she hates those plastic pull downs. It Scarry for a innocent little being.

    You know what erritates me more is that the rooms that are for mothers and babies are so far from other facilities and that people who don’t even have babies use these baby room and breast feeding facilities to chat on their phones and God alone knows what.

    1. yeah its terrible,woolies toilet wasn’t in the best of conditions(wet all around the toilet and hot water wasn’t working) at least they had the facility.

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