My top 10 things to pack for birth

My maternity leave has finally started!Thank goodness.What does this mean for me?Lots of rest and preparing for the new addition to our family :)

From 36 weeks baby is considered “full term” and can come at anytime.So it best to be prepared. I have compiled a list of what I think is essential to pack for when it’s your time to go in for delivery.

This may differ from person to person as some give birth privately and others via their local MOU.

Zion has already received two gifts;A pack of nappies from my hairdresser that has been doing my hair for the past 6 years and an amazing baby grow from Schnooky Pie.Schnooky Pie is a proudly South African company that makes handmade baby wear and as you guys know I am just a sucker for #supportlocal so you can imagine how over the moon I was when I received my package on Thursday(with local businesses you always get that personal touch-see pic below).These garments are designed,printed and handmade right here in Durban – goodbye fast fashion our local designers know what they are doing 😉

Schnooky Pie ; Personal Touch

This baby grow is from their Summer 2015 range and for you, my lucky readers I have a 15% discount code for purchases made on the Summer 2015 range garments(just enter “in the loop” on checkout).

Schnooky Pie ; Front

The stand out feature for me is the unique Schnooky Pie back stud feature down the back that is not only practical for dressing purposes(simply undo the top 2 studs and the bottom studs and gently pull over baby’s head) we all know the quicker you can get baby dressed the better it is for you but it is also adorable.

Schnooky Pie ; back

Anyway,on to the main reason for the post lol.

1.ID for birth registration  (government hospitals have this facilitiy)

2.Nightgown,Slippers,Socks  and underwear (disposable or old underwear you bleed heavily after birth)

3.Phone,Charger and 2 point plug

4.Toiletries (face cloth,sanitary towels-I am not to fond of the hospital issued ones,towel,slippers to wear in shower,toothbrush and toothpaste)

5.Snacks – I normally take lots of liquids because I am extremely dehydrated after I give birth but small snacks like biltong and nuts are great because once the pain starts eating and drinking is the last thing on your mind.

6.Going home outfit for baby


8.Baby toiletries (Diapers, Powder,wipes and nail clipper/file)

9.Extra bag – You won’t believe how much extra things you accumulate while at the hospital.

10.Plastic sleeve for any documentation you will receive.

One thing my mom in law told me and that I have stuck to since my first baby,make sure you are clean shaven!

What did you pack on your trip to give birth, let us know in the comments section below.

peace and love cocobaby row

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  1. A nursing pillow is very essential for breastfeeding a breast pump and nipple shield,most new moms struggle the first few days with breastfeeding

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