Always build on a strong foundation – MAC Studio Sculpt review

Mac Studio SculptThis is the second time I am purchasing this foundation,and what always draws me to it,is the amazing full coverage I achieve when I apply it.Mac Studio Sculpt foundation I would say is best for dry to combination.My T-Zone is extremely dry so normally when I apply foundation after a while it start flaking in between my eyebrows,which has not happened with this foundation.


The packaging is definitely designed for clumsy/forgetful people like me.A few months ago I had the MAC Studio Fix foundation and after applying it to my face I forgot it on the bed.So when my husband got up,it accidentally fell on to the floor and shattered,with the Mac Studio Sculpt I run absolutely no risk of this happening again.It also allows me to only squeeze out a little at a time so I hardly ever have wastage.If I do by chance squeeze out too much,it really doesn’t matter because this foundation is so versatile and allows for you to build on it flawlessly.


As with my previous Chanel foundation review,I explained that the price of these high end brands can be quite high,but if you look at the quality and longevity of this product it isn’t actually that expensive.I purchased my MAC Studio Sculpt on the 12th December ,I paid R380 and so far have only used 2/3 of my product (40ml), I reckon I would be done with this end March early April,which means that it would work out to roughly R100 per month,which is how much you would possibly pay for a drug store brand (that you have to purchase monthly)


It is a very long lasting foundation and stays on all day (even though it transfers).

I used to be a nc25 in the MAC studio sculpt foundation but when I went to purchase this in December, I asked Alana at the MAC counter at Foschini Canal Walk to retest if it is still the correct colour for me(I also love it when others do my make up so this is just an excuse for me hehehe),lucky I did because we discovered that I was actually now an NC30.I also love that they give you a tester to take home when you purchase the products so you can see if your are happy with the colour/product etc before you actually use the product,which ensures that you don’t have issues when bringing it back to be exchanged

It contains SP15 so you know your skin is protected from the sun.


I am not sure if it is how I store it (in a make up draw) that is the cause of this, but ,at times it becomes a bit watery,so I have to shake it before use so it can get back to it’s regular consistency.

It is has a very moist consistency when applying it to your face,so if you don’t leave it to set and dry before put more product on your face you can actually end up rubbing all the product off of your face.It transfers very easily when you are wearing it (so I apply my Yardley powder in Natural Beige to set it).

MAC Studio sculpt and Yardley Stayfast Pressed Powder

What methods do you use to keep your foundation/make up from transferring from your face to your  clothes or that of others?

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