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CYMERA_20160309_072208The title of this post was my sisters’ exact words (she has no kids but is a school teacher so has plenty experience) when I posed the question of how to deal with temper tantrums in our family group.I didn’t really notice this before when I only had Zoë ,but thinking about it now,it surely was there.The other day while Kai was throwing a tantrum, I realised that this is not something we teach our children it’s something that just naturally comes to them as each one of them have their own way of doing it.

Parents have been looking for ways to stops these tantrums for decades.If you do a quick google search you will surely find multiple articles discussing this topic.

Now there is absolutely no way that I am claiming to be the world’s best mother ,on the contrary I actually think that my husband is a much better parent than myself.However,when it comes to temper tantrums we both agree that the only way of dealing with it and one that has been working for us,is simply ignoring it.Kids can be and are quite manipulative when they have time and the minute you give in to these temper tantrums,in my opinion,you have already lost the fight.

We have over the years developed our own way of discerning between what is real or not.Kai hasn’t started speaking yet so when he is throwing a tantrum and starts crying with tears we know it’s real (he gets frustrated because we don’t understand what he is trying to tell us),with Zoë(she is very outdoorsy) we can normally tell her we understand whatever it is she is going through but if that is the case then she won’t be able to go play outside,if it’s real, she won’t stop and that’s how we will know.

We have been very fortunate that, on the occassions that they do have tantrums which is not as often as I am making it sound,that it happens at home.I would rather have then perform at home than when we are out and end up being embarrassed.I always say if you teach them the correct way at home,you won’t have problems in public.My kids aren’t angels and as every parent we also have some discipline issues that we deal with and that is how we learn which is the right way for us and for our children.

This is how we deal with our kids and it might not work for you but it has definitely  worked for us.Below is the top recommended way, I have read and discussed with friends and family on how to deal with temper tantrums if this is not a method you prefer.

Time out – So this is something I know for a fact will never work for me,if the flash me one sad face and all my resistance would crumble.My mum says the best way is to have the time out spot away from you and somewhere they won’t be able to enjoy themselves.

How do you deal with temper tantrums in your home.

peace and love coco

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