Garnier Micellar Wipes – Review

Two months ago or so the Garnier Micellar Water was launched and many reviews were doing the rounds.As much as I wanted to give it a try to let you guys know what I thought of it,I guess I totally missed the bandwagon and then I received the Lipidol Cleansing Oil from Beauty Bulletin and figured I would give this one a miss.

Garnier Micellar Water wipes

A little while later one of the beauty bloggers I follow ,posted about the wipes being launched and I knew this would be the product I will do a review on.Why you ask,because I am super lazy in the evenings and hardly have energy or even the desire to get up and go wash my face,so for my personal lifestyle this product fits in just right.I am also not advocating not washing your face correctly in the evenings,I am still using my Lipidol some evenings.

What is Micellar Water ?

Micellar water is basically a cleanser and toner in one.Some use it as just a make up remover and others use it as a cleanser.

I purchased my pack of 25 for R72.95  at Foschini,which works out to about R36.50 per month(I figure I will use 1 pack over two months as I don’t use it everyday).Which makes this affordable for a product of this nature.

If you google for facial wipe reviews,you will set many recommend you to use them as a pre step to your cleansing regime,which is exactly what I have said above HOWEVER…I still maintain,that this is a product for those times when you just too lazy or too tired to remove your make up the usual way.If I cleanse my face as per my normal cleansing regime everyday(which is an amazing habit to have because clear skin) I really wouldn’t see a need for this product.Internationally there are quite a few (micellar wipes) on the market so I am sure there are here in SA but just not as readily available.

Pros :

  • Convenient – on those nights when you have no energy to follow your usual facial cleansing regime,you can just pop out one of these wipes and remove the majority of the make up on your face.
  • Resealable packaging – Unlike many other packets of wipes that loses tackiness after a while and leaves your top wipe dry,this is not a worry you will have with this product,they can truly boast reusable packaging.


●Chemical smell – The product has a very strong chemical smell,yea I know in I said that this is a good thing in my review about the Lipidol cleansing oil review but that was a clean smell,this is a very strong over bearing smell(and I love weird smells petrol,washing powder,domestos,handy andy lol).

●It doesn’t remove your eye make up as easily,you need to actually spend extra attention around this area.

Overall it is an awesome product to use if  you are looking for a quick step to cleanse your face on a lazy or late night out.Have you tried this product,what are your thoughts?

peace and love coco

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