Fat , Fear and Fun

I have entered my third trimester (31 weeks and 6 days).So it’s all fat,fear and fun going forward till we reach the end.

            MY DAD AND I, AT HIS 50TH


I went for my first ever gynae visit this past week.I was very nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect.I even sent a message in our family group asking what would be best to wear lol,I was already on my way when the response came to say I should wear a dress,I was wearing a tracksuit pants.I was very happy with my choice as I was instructed to put on a hospital gown anyway,if I was wearing a  dress,I would have been very uncomfortable.Anyway on to the fat part,Dr weighed me and I am now weighing 65kg’s,the heaviest I have ever been.I weighed 55kg with Kai.I also had to wear my mom in laws pants the other day as I couldn’t find a work pants that fit me.Everytime I take a nap or wake up from sleeping my left leg experiences excruciating pain,I say it’s because I am too heavy for my legs to carry.However my mom in law rates he is probably laying on a nerve.At 05:45 the other morning I woke up and walked to the kitchen for some water and my in laws were ready to leave for work,that is when my mil said he could be laying on a nerve.My fil for those  that know him is a really funny guy so when my mil said that he says “hy het darem nerve ” lol


Although this is baby number 3,I am completely freaked out of my mind as my 2nd birth(very very bad) was worse than my 1st,so I am just scared that this one will be worse than my 2nd.I feel like I am having my first baby again.


I am getting very excited to see how my kids bond with each other as Zoë and Kai have just started their bond and Kai is already kissing my tummy everyday.I really love the relationship/bond my husband has with his brothers and can only pray that my kids will be blessed with such a tight bond with each other.

Zoë and I have also been spending much more time together and I taught her how to make scrambled egg the other day.Now everyday when she comes out of school she wants to make herself egg (bear in mind 2/3 weeks ago she was “allergic” to egg lol) She is also starting to show interest when I do my nails so when I did my lovely lavender post.She asked if I could do her nails as well,so we had mommy and daughter matching mani’s.I’m very grateful for these moments because that is when I get to chat with her about her life and reinforce in her mind that she can speak to me about absolutely anything and that even though my attention is not always 100% on her because I have to see to Kai as there is still many things he can’t do for himself I love her very much and she mustn’t forget that.


Do you have more than one child?What are you tips and tricks to share the attention between them fairly?

peace and love coco

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