Family Fun:Blasters Family Restaurant Review

On Saturday we celebrated King Kai’s birthday at  in Brackenfell (opposite Cape Gate).Blasters Logo
I had been wanting to go there for a while with the kids but due to our car situation ,never got around to going there.With Kai’s birthday coming up I thought that this would now be the perfect opportunity and can gladly say I am satisfied with my choice.

I booked the tiny tots party and chose the 12:30 – 14:30 session so that it is not too early and not too late.From the minute we arrived there,I was quite excited. The kiddies table was already set up,I chose the Batman theme and everything was set up to match.

Batman Theme at Blasters

The play area was ofcourse the main attraction and Kai and Zoë headed there immediately . They were only at the table once which was when we called them to come get something to eat.There are about 5 supervisors in the child area so you know your kids are well looked after while you are enjoying a cup of coffee or a juice.The food that was prepared for the kids was more than a sufficient portion and because they were more interested in playing, they didn’t even finish it all.

Blasters Food Plates

Blasters slides
Kai prefers doing things his way so slides down on his tummy

I also ordered a sweets platter for the adults and it was very very good.My favourite was the mini toffee apples(they apples tasted almost like it was stewed first)

Blasters sweet platter

We were enjoying ourselves(adults and children) so much that we didn’t notice that our 2 hours were up.I would definetly recommend Blasters as a party venue for kids between the ages of 2 – 10.My favourite part is that there is no set up and clean up from our side.As we were leaving, it did get a bit crowded and rowdy as other parties were arriving as well as patrons who were just bringing their kids out for some fun,but this is normal for any place that has such amazing entertainment facilities for children so not a problem for me.I would maybe suggest swopping the top(bar and lounge area) and bottom floor(play and party area) as that would be better space wise for parents and children alike.

We really had a fantastic time as was proven when Kai(2) fell asleep in the car on our way home and Zoë(8) was clocked out by 19:45.My friend that attended with her daughter is strongly considering hosting her daughters’ party at Blasters as well.

Some more pics of the play area

Blasters round and round we go Blasters Play area Blasters is so fun 2 year old monkey

Have you been here before,what was your experience?

6 thoughts on “Family Fun:Blasters Family Restaurant Review”

  1. My nephew had his 2nd birthday party there in December. I personally love the place. And it’s a great venue if you want to get out of the house for a few hours, and just sit around doing nothing while the kids enjoy themselves.

    1. Oh yes or even for a mom to spend some quality time with a girlfriend while the kids are entertained 😉 Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

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