Speckled Egg Candy

This week’s prompt was Candyland (click here to see the full months prompts). What a perfect opportunity for me to use the straight line vinyls I got free when I purchased my christmas set from Because I Shop.EPIC.FAIL.

Candyland Fail

I blame this result on 2 things.

1) The green nail polish(Ralo #39) I used is definetly not suited for long nails,I had to put on 3 coats,just for it to be opague and smooth.However I did notice when I was making the dots that it got sticky quickly, which means it would make for a great polish to use for a sugar spun mani.

Ralo Nail Polish Lime Green

2) I have never used vinyls before so I think my technique sucks just as badly.

Luckily for me Eddy is super saaiyan(holler at me if you know what I am referencing here)when it comes to creativity so after we had a nice relaxing bath,he recommended I do a speckled egg mani and I must say this turned out very nice,there is much left to be desired,but it is only my second time I am using my dotting tool ,so I won’t be beating myself up about it,practice makes perfect after all.

Ralo Nail Polish Lime Green

I would love to know what you guys think about my mani.

peace and love coco

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