So,I don’t know because,I don’t know?

 I class myself as lifestyle blogger and I have noticed that most of my posts are beauty related .

Apparently according to some if you don’t know who a certain beauty blogger/vlogger is then you are not a very good blogger.So here is my two cents worth, if I may.I do my blog part-time so don’t have much time to hang around on youtube or reading other people’s blogs’ all day but it doesn’t make my blog any less worthwhile to read than the next.As a blogger one of your responsibilities for your blog is too market it,so it can reach many (I still ,after a year and a half still struggle with this.When I do my research for my posts what I do is, I check out the 3 blog posts and top 3 youtube videos regarding the particular topic , so if yours doesn’t  fall within that range,does that,now make me a bad blogger?

I really don’t think so.It’s like this whole peer pressure (especially in the beauty blogging segment that bloggers face -as explained in full by kandy kane).

A blog is something personal.That persons opinion on whichever topic or product they choose to create a post about.Why don’t we rather help them by sending them an inbox or email if we think they can benefit from our advice than talk smack on social forums? I hardly get time to read others’ blogpost so rely on blog forums I am a part of to squizz through headings that catch my attention. Lets be there for each other and grow the blogging industry in SA rather than break each other down.I love constructive criticism because I am learning everyday so if you ever have a piece of advice for me that you think I can benefit from please don’t hesitate to pop me an email or send me an inbox message. 

peace and love coco

7 thoughts on “So,I don’t know because,I don’t know?”

  1. I don’t think anyone should be classed as a ‘bad’ blogger. As you mentioned blogging is such a personal journey that just because it’s different doesn’t means it’s bad.
    I really struggle with the whole blogging vs numbers / stats vs marketing thing. Every single achievement was through me doing what I love. People will read it or they won’t. But it’s authentic and it’s real and it’s me. But that’s just me.
    I do agree that giving help is such a great thing in the blogging community. I love it. We all see things differently and getting a different perspective never hurt. That being said, the person also needs to be willing to accept it. If I give advice and it’s met with defense and attitude then I will NOT even try again. Being humble never hurt anyone.

    1. I totally agree!Thanks so much for sharing your view with me :) I do agree about the constructive criticism as well,many people get defensive when all you are trying to do is just help,however others really just think they can say whatever they want to say because they have been in the industry for a few years longer than the next person

  2. So so true!!! I think that there is more than enough space for all bloggers and not just a certain few… Blogging is either an extension or an view of who you are and what your interests are. Does it make you bad blogger because you don’t have millions of viewers NO!! There will always be people that love you for you and others that can’t stand you for being YOU! So it’s up to you to decide what matters the most! It’s your space on the web, be who you want to be xx

    1. There is almost like this underlying animosity that one picks up when joining in on these conversations(especially when you are a so called newb).I heard a new term the other day and it is called blegging (bloggers that beg) apparently if you mail pr agencies or brands and offer you services for product (which for me is trade of exchange) you are soo disgusting.Lol i just can’t keep up with what you are/aren’t supposed to do or say.So I will just do things my way and take the advice that comes my way.

  3. I was VERY offended by the blegging thing. Now being on the other side and having a product for sale. Guess who are the ones ‘blegging’ me for free stuff for ‘consideration for blog posts’? No thank you.

    1. I was also quite offended,people don’t think before they type at all anymore and they forget what they do in the dark,will always come out in the light.

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