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The first of February marked a very special day for me,besides the fact that it was my dad’s birthday,it was the day that my facebook page for my blog reached 600 likes.In the loop with Coco logo

It got me thinking about a meme I saw on facebook.


The only way for us to change this is to start supporting local.I have been using the hashtag #supportlocal whenever I share stuff relating to local entrepreneurs,but the other day when I wanted to purchase something, I searched the hashtag on facebook and nothing for a local entrepreneur came up and this is how my idea was born.I am still deciding on the frequency of the posts but,I will be doing a post highlighting certain entrepreneurs (the ones that mail me or contact me to be featured) on these posts,so it will be a sort of glossary of local business that we can support.I will also have it compiled on the blog,so that you don’t have to scroll through 20 000 blog posts to find what you are looking for 😉 However the information about the entrepreneur in the posts will be more than just the name and contact number.I also urge you(as a business/brand/product owner) to start using the #supportlocal when posting about your product so next time,when I want to buy a cool local product I can actually find some local entrepreneurs.Below you will find this weeks featured local businesses(You can just click on the business names and it will take you over to the official facebook page or websites for each business)


Mr Goal D Lox from Blazetown Entertainment

Mr Goal D Lox is a Cape Town based music artist /producer that has been in the industry for nearly 10 years.He is currently selling his second EP titled unrestricted at R60 per copy (You can contact me for more details on how to purchase his EP).His aim is to grow his record company to create a platform for young artists/entertainers to be able to turn their passion into a day job.


Rf Africa.

Headed by Neil Jansson ,Royalty Free Africa is a platform  where musicians and photographers from Africa can sell their work under a royalty free licence to people for use in their projects and videos.

Finally Creative’s can promote their work in Africa & Beyond, and get paid.


Big House recording studio

Big House recording studio does audio work(advertisment voice overs etc) and is also a great space for artist who need to track or mix their albums.


BellBoy by Seabreeze Computers

BellBoy is an automated computerised system for schools and factories that links into existing siren systems,cost R2000 deposit and 200 per month for 10 months.


The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar is a place to come and relax in a calming ambiance , with peaceful tunes, stunning treatments and affordable prices .

 The Beauty Bar aims to fulfill all your beauty needs, in a clean, tranquil environment.

Treatments include: nail treatments , waxing, facials , tinting.


Now over to you,which business do you think deserves a post completely to themselves on my blog.

Let me know in the comments section below.

peace and love coco

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  1. Congrats thats really awesome.Its also my goal this year., 2016 x1000 on every platform #fingercrossed and all the best for both you and your blog xxx

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