25 down,15 more to go

mommy and son love

I haven’t posted about my pregnancy in a while as it has been a bit uneventful (thank goodness).

But thought I would just update you guys on my progress so far 😉

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant :)

pregnant belly at 25 weeks

I’m at the stage in the pregnancy where everyone wants to know how far along I am and if I know what gender the baby is,which is cool(I don’t know the gender yet will only be finding out on the 15.02 when I go for my scan),they also ask what I would like it to be and my answer to that…I would like another boy and my husband also agrees however Zoë doesn’t ,she wants a little sister.Kai is quite fascinated by my tummy and likes to tickle it,this is just too cute,it’s almost like they are bonding already.

My bladder seal has now broken, so I am finding myself go to the toilet much more frequently.I am also getting heartburn now something that I didn’t suffer from when I was pregnant with Zoë or Kai.

Just like when you buy a new car you start noticing the same car on the road everywhere you go,so I have started noticing all the pregnant ladies.Some of them have a distinct walk that many associate with pregnant ladies,however when I looked at myself I don’t walk like that (tummy out,legs apart),did you walk like that?Why did you?Is it the weight of your tummy?

I wear tommy takkies to work because my feet are swollen and formal shoes hurt them,only con is that my shoelaces are permanently coming loose.I know it is coming from a caring place,and thankfully my colleagues understand me so they help me when they see that it has come undone,but please stranger on the bus,in the mall and wherever I go,if I am not sitting down please know that I am just waiting to get somewhere where I can sit down and tie my shoelaces no need to tell me that they have come undone (I probably already know).

mommy and son love
Just spreading some mommy and son love

I was waiting for my father in law to pick me up at work one evening,when a lady that wanted to smoke a ciggarette (but couldn’t find her lighter ) asked me if I have one.No lady I do not have a lighter because clearly I am pregnant!Why is it so normal for people to see pregnant woman smoking that they think that it is ok. Did that child ask to be here?Is 7-9 months (7 because people normally only find out on the 2nd month that they are with child)  really so long that you can not make that sacrifice of not smoking for your own child?I even heard someone say that the doctor said they shouldn’t quit completely because the baby can go in to shock from lack of the nicotine (are you for real?).When Zoë was about 6 years old we were having a conversation about pregnant woman smoking while they are pregnant and she reckoned that ladies who smoke when they are pregnant will have babies who have ashes (she meant asthma),even though the kids aren’t always born with a health issue later in life they end up with some or other health issue.So if a 6 year old is mature enough to know this,why isn’t a woman that is old enough to have a baby not?Do you agree?

As time is drawing closer I am getting more and more excited.How were you feeling at this point of your pregnancy,let us know in the comments below?

peace and love coco



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