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This weeks challenge is called growth. I chose this challenge as it is something that is very close to my heart. My reason for choosing this theme is that, this is the new theme to my life and I would like to grow in all aspects of my life,for the rest of my life.

Caviar Mani

The first step of this post is naturally, the manicure I did for this theme and then I will go into how I have set out goals to growing my following little by little.

So my initial idea was to get some cool decals of the social media icons and put them on my nails, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any :(, this was supposed to represent the growth I wanted on my social media platforms and my blog.

I popped into Clicks yesterday and got a cool 2true candy nail art(also known as caviar nail art) as pictured above for only R2.50. This would be the growth part when it comes to my mani as I have grown in the nail art tools that I am using. I have never used this type of nail art and unfortunately won’t ever again.

I paired it with a maroonish colour Avon Gel Finish nail polish(that I have been carrying around with me for 2 weeks with the intention of applying it). This nail polish has a really great consistency and you don’t have to apply more than one coat.I was also really impressed by the finish,it is so great it doesn’t even need a top coat(if you anything like me however you will still put on a top coat).

Avon Gel finish

The amount of time it takes to come off is one of the main reasons why I won’t do this mani in the near future;it came off within 1.5 hours because you can’t apply a top coat as it ruins the effect.It took me nearly as long to apply it ;(. Maybe it’s just the beads or the technique I used that caused it to not last as long.Have you tried this nail art before,do you have any tips /tricks you can share with me?Please let me know in the comments section below.

Blog Stats

The second part of this post is basically just me sharing my idea of how to continue with the theme of growth in my everyday blogging life. Above is a picture of stats for the past week(I only did one post last week)and the goals I have set out for myself to achieve this coming week.What strategy do you use to keep track and to help grow your following/reach.Please share any advice you have for me in the comments section below.I will really appreciate it.

peace and love coco

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