Max Factor CC Cream review

Max Factor CC Cream
The fairy godmother’s over at beauty bulletin sent me the Max Factor CC cream to review.

I hadn’t received a package from them in a while so I was very excited when I saw the courier at my door. When I opened up the package,I was a little disappointed, as I took the cc cream out of the package the colour stated tan.

Now ,as you know I am very far from tan so I was just so scared that the colour wouldn’t match my skin(I purchased a essence foundation about a month ago and it just didn’t match at all so it made me look like an oompa loompa – review coming soon)

in the loop with coco

I have very blotchy (red patches on my pale face) skin and never thought I would purchase a bb cream as,I never believed that it would give me the coverage, I needed to achieve my desired effect and thanks to beauty bulletin I was an advanced learner and skipped right pass the bb and headed straight for the cc cream :)

Prior to receiving the cc cream,I was sent some travel sized products from Isabella Garcia Skincare range(see my review here). So I had been walking bare faced for about two weeks and thought I would give the cc cream a try.I normally wear foundation to have a clear complexion and require heavy coverage.

So I opened up the cc cream and was pleasantly surprised that this”tan” actually matched my skintone. So off I went to work and my colleagues could immediately see the difference.Another plus,never thought I would be so happy with my face with such light coverage but I was,this is awesome as it is now especially now that’s it’s summer,instead of a full face of foundation to the beach,now you can just put on some CC Cream and Bob’s your uncle.I will most definitely recommend this product to anyone that is keen on trying out a bb/cc cream.


Have you tried a cc cream before,lets me know if you liked it and which brand and if you liked it?

peace and love coco

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