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isabella garcia

Three  weeks ago I received an incredible package at my door.A catered for my specific skin type range of travel sized skincare products from Isabella Garcia.The package included; A face wash,Refreshing mist (Toner)( meant for rejuvenating skin and clarifying complexion,the toning formula is made up of eucalyptus,calendula and lavender),2 x daily moisturiser youthful glow daily moisturiser  spf 6 (for when you are exposed to the sun for less than 30 mins per day)(light textured,contains evening primrose oil and collagen- helps to preserve the skins natural moisture,skin feels soft to the touch. and one with spf 15( for when you are exposed to the son for more than 30 minutes),A night moisturiser,2 x face masks, A make-up remover,A refining mask.

Isabella Garcia Refreshing Mist isabella Garcia Isabella Garcia Face Wash

I was really impressed with these products as I could definetly see a difference in the appearance of my skin. I normally have very blotchy skin and it has really improved my skin tone and taken away some of the redness.

You can not purchase these products in store but can purchase them online on the Isabella Garcia website.

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  1. Morning
    Thanx for the info.I also tried this product.It did not work for my daughter but is doing miracle to my skin. Since I’m using the left overs, I don’t know how best you could get me the process on how to order the Essabella products?
    Mrs Molapo (0714569795)

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