LA Girl Matte lipgloss ; Backstage Review

A few weeks ago, one of my readers inboxed me to ask, if I know what she can use to prevent this specific gloss from drying out her lips.

LA Girl Matte Gloss - Backstage

Although meaning to purchase one,so I could do a review for you guys,I just never got around to, getting one and I at that point could not answer the question.This,was a blessing in disguise. My budget for beauty products for the month was already blown so, I needed to get hold of one because I did not want to dissappoint  her. Luckily I created the Beauty Swop or Sale group about a year ago,and you always find awesome bargains on there.I went ahead and posted that I was looking for this gloss (not being specific about a colour) to purchase and lo and behold my reader commented and said that she will bring me one ,free of charge (how sweet is that?)

But let me get on with the part you are here for the review.

Many bloggers have done posts re this product some were happy with it and some were not to happy with it. I am unfortunately(as much as I love my LA Girl Pro HD Concealer) part of the unhappy crowd.

This gloss goes on very blotchy,it is very light on the inside and makes a very dark outline ( my husband reckoned it looks like a old time prostitute reffering to the 90’s trend of a dark lipliner with a light lipstick or gloss)you can see this effect on the pic below and that is really not something I would expect from a gloss-gloss to me = smooth application

LA Girl Matte Gloss Backstage SwatchIt dries very quickly so you don’t get full colour on the whole lip(not sure if it is,the tip of the applicator that could possibly be the issue).The reason for this is, that it dries very quickly so it is very difficult to manipulate on the lip.I also feel its a little bit sticky and messy,if you make a mistake and you just want to wipe it off quickly ,you can’t, your whole face ends up full of colour.

LA Girl Matte Gloss applicator

The thing I like the most about this gloss is that it is super long lasting…Literally it is actually such a struggle to remove it at the end of your evening/day.So atleast you know it won’t budge.It also photographs very well.

LA Girl Matte gloss backstage on fair skin


Anyway,back to the original rewson for this post;

What I did to prevent the dry lip syndrome…

First I purchased the Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in 01 Pure Chic (on journey of looking for a great gloss I went in to,2 cosmetic stores and the one offered me a pinkish gloss and the other a gloss with glitter in…seriously???You don’t know what a clear gloss is?).I then mixed it with a little bit of the LA Girl matte gloss and not only did it not dry out my lips, but, it also wet the gloss a bit so it was much better to get full colour on my lips,it took a little bit longer to dry but it’s worth it as it solved 2 of the problems I initially had with the gloss,however,because it was a clear gloss it lightened the colour a bit. Luckily I had a Kangol Extreme Gloss in a similar colour that I did a review you on previously,which,was actually the post that brought this reader to my blog,and voila. It gave me exactly the same result as the clear gloss but nothing was lost colour wise.

Kangol Extreme Gloss

What tips and tricks do you have for getting the most out of you LA Girl matte gloss?Should I try using it with a lipliner? Would I have a better result?

peace and love coco

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